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    Whats the difference between these three leaf leaves and the others . i guess what im asking is why arent they like the other normals.

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    If you mean the number of blades on them a healthy plants leaves will come in sets 1 then 3, 5, 7, 9. If it's not healthy you might keep getting 3's and stuff like that.
  3. Yea i was just curious they are only a few of them but yea i dont know why but middle of the night my plant will like weep over and i cant find out why but in the day time shes perky and straight idk if im explaining right but any help is much obliged.

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  4. When your plant does that it means it's sleeping when ever a plant has an on or off schedule with the light when the light goes out it will droop
  5. The leafs could just be something genetic as well.
  6. Also if she's from a clone, most clones start off with a 3 blade set. No worries, she looks healthy. And yes when your lights are off blades drop. When she's awake blades are up. Good luck. ..::Be Happy, Stay Stoned::..

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  7. Thanks guys I appreciate the help

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