What the Ancients Knew

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    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZgNq-lxNXo]What the Ancients Knew - Egypt - YouTube[/ame]










  2. I always found it amazing that we still perform many medical procedures that the ancient egyptians performed.. they were very advanced!

    Funny how people holding cats destroyed 'em. Sad that they were so advanced, but so damn ignorant and reliant on a caste society.. Oh wait, kinda reminds me of....
  3. Added India. Too lazy to work out a description, but it goes over their astronomy, creation of our number system, how they're the one who came up with the concept of zero, and nose jobs.
  4. Added China and Japan. Ancient Chinese observatories were badass..
  5. What a great series! It's chocked full of information I've used in research papers!
  6. If you could just post a gram of dank, I'd have all of tomorrow morning worked out in this thread..
  7. Maybe we'll both live to see matter transportation.. til then.

    I added Greece and Rome and that's the end of the series. If I can get someone to fix my external HD, I'll probably upload all kinds of documentaries and nature shows.

    As for Greece and Rome, I haven't watched the Greek one yet. I made the mistake of watching the Rome one first, and the Romans got a lot of their shit from the Greeks, so watch the Greece one first. Then get creeped out with the Roman bath scene..
  8. i'm pretty sure the india episode states that the country takes credit for the concept of "0". Is this the series or am I thinking of something else (I know this is commonly said of indian scholars and engineers).

    point is, they did invent the concept for their respective sphere, however, the Maya apparently developed the "0" some 500-1000 years before them in that of their own. I just learned this in a class I'm in.
  9. Fuck dude I was gonna watch this shit this morning but I forgot so now I'm in the same position as last night.
  10. its amazing how much they actually knew. in fact more than just amazing, its incredible. cant wait to give these all a good watch, when I am not quite as high as I am right now.
  11. While this is true, to my understanding the Mayans (and Babylonians) had what is more like a place holder for zero in larger numbers, and had to be read in context to know what they were talking about. They probably had a similar idea towards "0" like the Greeks had. If nothing is nothing, then how can it be represented by something? The Indian zero isn't a zero like in 10, 730, or 5,019,285, it's 0.

    But to answer your question, yes this is the series.. :D
  12. Nice. This makes a lot of sense, the way you've explained it. It's not everyday you learn something new NOT to do with cannabis.

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