What stuff does lupe fiasco wear

Discussion in 'General' started by Yezzir!, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. im not from the US so i dunno what clothes are about.

    i think his t-shirts are cracking, would like to buy one!
  2. haha that made me laugh
  3. He wears normal clothes like most people..
  4. DONT SWAGGER JACK!!:DJust wear what you think is cool.
  5. He thinks what lupe wears is cool, thats why he wants to know

    sorry op, i dont know what he wears
  6. Bape is one of the clothing companies making clothing I've seen lupe fiasco wear.
  7. Yeah lol im sayin dont wear it just cuz he wears it.
  8. Yeah dont swagga jack, but all Im thinkin is Bape.

    And they started in Japan, the US was like a year or two off when they came out...just like how everybodys were evesu's(or whatever)
  9. $2000 dollar jackets and pants.. Just buy some hot clothes man, personal style is the way to go. Dont worry about brand, go for look.
  10. Lupe is probably wearing a $3000 outfit, fuck that I can get that shit at the mall for $40, lol.
  11. I can get that shirt from jose at the flea market for $5 out the door.

    Honestly man wear what you think is cool. If you think what that dude wears is cool than w/e, thats you. Your not "jackin" anyone. No outfit is original. Your not the first person to wear a t-shirt and pants.

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