What strains should I go with for first indoor grow?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Codith, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. Im looking for peoples opinions

    What 5 strains would you recommend (preferably Indica)
    Also for those strains, what seed company would you recommend?
  2. I'm assuming that you are looking for feminized seeds.

    I found Barney's Farm LSD to be an easy grow and a tasty, hard hitting smoke. Attitude Seeds, a popular seed bank, sells these seeds individually and in packs of 5. The Single Seed Centre sells them individually. I have purchased seeds from both seed banks. LSD is a mostly indica hybrid.

    How about White Widow? It's a 60/40 sativa/indica split, not quite what you indicated you preferred, but it's a classic. I know a few growers who speak highly of Seedsman Seeds White Widow, which happens to be very affordable.

    Dinafem's California Hash Plant is a pure indica that flowers faster than most and is known for its great tasting smoke.
  3. Sensi Star as a quality pure indica, easy to grow
    Chronic as a known quantity producer, easy to grow
    LSD as a Nice smoke, easy to grow
    Lemon Skunk as a vigorous and delicous Hybrid, easy to grow
    Blue Cheese as a quality hybrid everyone will love, moderate difficulty to grow right

    The two seed banks I recommend are ATTITUDE SEEDBANK Cannabis Seeds and Gypsy Nirvana's Seed Boutique. You can find seeds from many breeders at these sites and they are known reliable shippers. Attitude is my first choice every time for the freebies they offer (like the 1st to the 4th of October). There will be a few extra strains to grow if you order through them.

    Check out coco coir as your media. I'm trying to get new growers to make the "jump." If you can make pancakes from mix you are capable enough to do coco. Don't sell yourself or your grow short.
  4. Mmmm, pancakes! You've convinced me! :D
  5. Super Lemon Haze - both have great smoke reports and do indoor or outdoor
    and LSD
  6. I have heard that the purple strains are easier to grow indoors, is that true? Also, isn't it bad to buy seeds online? I have always heard that if you want to grow you should get your seeds from your dealers, because there's less risk and you can "preview" the weed first.:smoke:
  7. If you buy online you should really consider sending in a money order. This way there isn't a paper trail of what you bought.

    Remember there's always the chance of getting caught buying seeds in the USA. If you do get caught, all they are going to do is keep them. Big deal. Your out the money but you already know that is the risk.


    Good luck.
  8. Purple strains are usually no more easy or difficult than any other strain, because all strains have some purple/red in them if you try to bring it out. Extremely purple strains by genetics may have specialized chlorophyll which is better in tune with the spectrum used in indoor lighting. This is completely unproven, and totally just my theory, so take from that what you will. I'm not even wikipedia...

    Not bad to buy seeds online. You can get some killer genetics. I may not have had the chance to try some of the strains but that's what cannabis cup awards are for! :cool: I've ordered online several times and have been very happy with the free seeds I get. Choosing a reputable dealer and getting femminized seeds is something you cannot do through your hookup.

  9. Yeah, As far as I know purple strains have a special type of chlorophyll that's survives better with less light, so you can easily grow them with less light, which allows for more resin, which makes a better smoke. It's also easier to manage because you don't have to be a strict with the lights...

    Also, What I meant is, if you buy marijuana seeds online they have to mail them to you, right? So couldn't the police catch you easily? I wouldn't want to get busted over some seeds...:smoke:

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