What strains are/were notorious in your garden?

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  1. What’s up GC. I am a new member but I am a long time smoker and have just started experimenting with my knowledge in growing. My question for everyone is, what strains were NOTORIOUS in your garden, and why?
    Like how almost anything Cookies is known to produce possible hermies.
    Or what strain did good by you?
    Vigorous? Extremely potent? Nice yields? I’d like to further my knowledge on classic strains, and know what new strains are worth hype. Feel free to leave a reply or anything related!
    Thanks, everyone!
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  2. For me, Barneys Farm - Cookies Kush
    This beast i grew 3x in a row, she was superb. Stinky, real nice fat dense as hell colas, the smoke after curing was devine, really smooth and full of flavour. She grew some wonderful looking flowers also.
    No herms.
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  3. Mephistos Forgotten cookies literally stunk up the whole neighborhood if you reached into the closet where they were you were going to smell like it the rest of the day. Legendary stink on this one.

    I've never heard of cookie strains being more susceptible to herm.
  4. Oh but they are brother.. not sure for autos but DEFINITELY photos.. GSC and most of its crosses are notorious around here for hermies. It’s just super finnicky and susceptible to stresses so it’s quick to turn hermie. You should look into it brother. I’m sure autos are okay ( and Mephisto is definitely a decent breeder) so yours are probably good brother. Just saying most times it’s something to look for.
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  5. I have been growing a strain called White Romulan, which is The White x Romulan. This is actually one of my favorite strains.

    My guess is one of the parents weren't stable, which left me with a "hermie" gene. Each time I grow this strain, I get about 4-5 oz of nice buds with a 30 day veg and 63 day flowering time. I also get about 10 fully matured seeds from each plant.

    I've personally tested 16 of these seeds so far and ALL of them germinated and produced healthy plants full of buds. I still have over 60 seeds to test before confirming I have a true hermie strain.

    I would love to see what yields I could achieve without seed production and bud production fighting each other. At the same time, I enjoy growing this strain knowing it could be a neverending supply.

    Pictures are of my first ever grow with this strain, yielded 4.2 oz (118g) 20181025_010222.jpg 20181014_011850.jpg 20181025_010243.jpg 20181124_084215.jpg
  6. That looks fire brother. 10 seeds in 4-5 OZ ain’t bad neither. Nice one brother
  7. Thanks man!

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