What strain that i can get online has least grow

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Dreeker, Jul 15, 2003.

  1. I got a debit card and or my bros (21) credit card.
    What strain has the least amount of growth required starting from seed, and isnt over 60$

    If anyone could give me a name and/or a website, that would be just dandy (im not gay)


    P.S. I gave up on trying to grow, but now that my bro is 100% willing to help, its cool, hes already made an extremely nice growing place (will post up some pics) Basically its just a box of wood which is 8ft long, 6ft high, and 4 ft deep. Painted white, with 8 Fluoros 22'' each. 250? HPS i think up top, and some curly florouros ponting from the floor up. 2 Computer fans on each side (total of 4 fans) and a small fan installed in the wood, fan maybe 5'' in diameter. Temp in there with everything on it is 71degrees and without the 4 side fans its 86. Im thinkign of growin 8 plants, all starting from seeds. So this would be of great help
  2. what do you mean by least amount of growth? do you mean a short plant? then go with master kush. Do you mean an easy plant to grow? try a northern light strain. Do you mean a quick grower? try Topp 44. Do you mean one that grows easily under fluoros? try a Durban Poison. All of these are inexpensive strains to purchase. Master Kush is probably the most heavy hitter in the bunch, but it is a smelly fellow to grow.

    Seedbanks? did you not look in the seedbank forum and see my recommendations for good seed sources? try Seedsdirect or heaven's stairway.
  3. BPP gives good advice .grow on!!!!!
  4. an ionizer would help wit the smell

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