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What strain makes you happy?!

Discussion in 'Stash Jar' started by 420mike, Jun 8, 2010.

  1. Ok so i love golden haze and gran daddy purp! thats my shit man, whats yalls favorite strain? and what strain do you think has the smallest come down?
  2. happy= casey jones (trainwreckXthaiXsour diesel)
  3. hashplant is usually a warm high for me.
  4. AK47 is my ideal daytime smoke. So nicely balanced in effect and the smell blows me away every time :yummy:
  5. I like orange kush a lot but anything very frosty is fine with me :).
  6. The marijuana strain makes me happy as fuck

  7. Same here, hey, maybe marijuana isn't so bad for ya after all! Ronald Reagan, how could he lie to us?! *genuine anguish*
  8. Some classic Train Wreck. The high not being the most powerful by any means, but it's very potent when grown right and gives me the a very happy high. I've heard Train Wreck is a CA favorite originating in Humboldt i believe? Correct me if I'm wrong.
  9. Orange Kush. I love this Sour Diesel that I have, but nothing in my honest opinion compares to a nice Kush high. I'm determined to try OG Kush soon.
  10. yeah man, i've always loved grandaddy purp. my favorite so far

  11. OG kush is a sativa dominate strain btw
  12. white widow has always treated me very well.
  13. blue dream makes me happy. banana kush is also bomb

  14. Maybe it's just the batch I had, but GDP, as well as a few of the 'purple'/grape strains, were nothing special buzz wise. Just cool to look at.
  15. I always love Jack Herer
  16. Strawberry Diesel. delicious and awsome.:smoking:
  17. I love Afghani and all types of Kush's. Indica dominant hybrids are my favorite... Can't go wrong with a good Sour Diesel wake and bake thoughh:bongin::bongin:
  18. gotta love jack herer! my favorite strain as well
  19. i like orange kush but idk, its never been as good to me as some gran daddy purp or some strawberry cough
  20. every strain of dank there is lol but i do love the northern lights and mango kush the smell of mango is crazyyyyyy

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