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What strain is this? (Pics)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Deleted member 1007862, Jul 12, 2017.

  1. I usually buy Amnesia from my dealer but today I bought from someone else. The one I bought today has a strong smell and it is very hard to describe the smell. Kind of like Tea/Mint/Perfume, something like those three I mentioned. Hard to describe the smell like I said.
    Here are two pics: [​IMG]
    What strain is it?
  2. Ahh the elusive "I have no idea billy because how can you expect any one to know what strain it is from that little bit of info?" Strain. Let me guess your from the U.K. Am I right there mate? The British are coming the British are comin !
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  3. I leave you with this billy. The assault has begun on the hive
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  4. Please learn more about weed and then post. You can not tell the strain of weed from a pic, mr billy.
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  5. You are what I call a real life troll. If you dont plan on giving serious answers then dont answer at all you prick
  6. Yeah I'll get right on it. Tomorrow I'm going to the library and I'm gonna get all the books about marijuana, I know its a lot of books but hey, once I read them I get to post on this forum again!
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  7. The world may never know, Billy.

    Grower should know. Find them.
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  8. What do you mean "Billy" what is this shit y'all are talkin about
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  9. Ngcmbl...
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  10. Listen OP that means "original poster". And why are we calling you a billy? Maybe when you grow you will know billy. No one is giving you a serious answer because you asked a ridiculous question. If you notice no one else is even really replying to you because these kind of posts are a plauge of GC. We can't tell you the strain for a multitude of reasons, 1- we didn't grow it, 2-we can't smoke it. 3-we can't smell it for ourselves. So either get a dealer that knows what they are about or familiarize yourself with leafly. That's all the info I have for billy and that's the most serious answer your gonna get. Fuck... I'm done with GC for today. :bang:
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  11. Or just learn the minimal amount of knowledge about a substance before joining a forum about it. Stay triggered Billy.
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  12. Wtf is up with EVERYBODY with these questions mentioning "Amnesia" like that's super important.

    Did I miss something? Or is this the new "pineapple express"?
  13. Probably. I've heard about amnesia haze. Supposed to be a good sativa. I'm pretty sure in the UK it's a strain that's over hyped like OG kush or girl scout cookies is in the US.
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  14. This is the apprentice smokers section, hence why he is asking this. To an experienced smoker this is a very stupid question but that is irrelevant. Instead of coming of like a douche bag you could have simply told him you would not be able to know. This is supposed to be a friendly forum so why dont you educate him instead of criticising him eh?
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  15. Pretty sure my post did educate him, in a critical way ? Sure. do I regret it ? Nope. Because when your gonna be dumb ya gotta be tough.... great song. :thumbsup::ey::bang::wave:
  16. Yeah but you were coming off like a douche. As I said why not be friendly? Are you really that anti social that you cannot speak to another human nicely? I have social anxiety and I still dont need to come off the way you do pal

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