What strain and breeder website?

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  1. Hey everyone currently growing a white widow x nl from spliff seeds and she just isn't progressing like I had hoped.I'm growing with CFls in a 4x4x7 tent i plan to switch to hps for 12/12 and next this Thursday is the month mark I want to get some new seeds and need some opinion on the easiest growing and high yielding! Thank you :)
  2. Well, I'd personally suggest spending your money on HID lighting before good genetics. A good yield will only come from HID lighting. CFLs are great to begin with, but really don't provide any power. It's like bring a 4 cylinder to a Nascar race.

    Try searching craigslist for HID lighting. You can find old high bay magnetic ballasts for next to nothing. Magnetic ballasts are reliable and cheap. Even if something in your magnetic ballast breaks, you can either just buy a new one, or there's a slew of parts available. I bought my 400 watt HPS for 25 with a bulb, and my HPS for 35 with a bulb. 400 watt seems to be the most common, and would fit your tent. You can find 1k watters also.

    Other than that, most strains are acceptable. I'd suggest getting a regular pack of seeds and either breeding for a second set of seeds to look for a good strong yielding mother. This'll be your best bet for finding a winner strain. Buying a fem seed is plenty acceptable though.

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