What stores sell lighters besides gas stations & CVS?

Discussion in 'General' started by Shabab, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. What stores sell lighters besides gas stations, CVS, and Walgreens?

    Thank you :hello:

    EDIT: matches are OK too. I mean mainstream, chain stores.
  2. All grocery, liquor, smoke shops, corner stores, you get my drift, sell lighters. Not that hard to find :rolleyes:
  3. Dollar store, wal-mart, any other franchise super/discount store, novelty shops, accessory shops, smoke shops, pretty much everywhere.
  4. May I ask why you are asking this question? Seems like anyone old enough to be on this site should have been around in the world long enough to notice that lighters are sold basically everywhere.
  5. my local liquor store sells lighters and im pretty sure every single one does
  6. I never heard of a lighter.
  7. what is a lighter?...and this "stores" you speak of?

  8. Does this help increase your self esteem? Do you get joy from running around accusing people of being under 18? What benefits does it have for you?

    I am 23 but I was raised by wolves until I was 17...
  9. Honestly, he has reason to say that cuz it was a pretty stupid question. So you set yourself up for a stupid answer.
  10. Nope not really, I just find it difficult to believe that someone over the age of 18 hasn't noticed that there are lighters for sale at the counter of almost every establishment. It's like if I posted a thread on here asking where to buy candy bars...kinda stupid is all...:rolleyes:
  11. I make my own lighters out of gasoline and old rags. Kinda hard to use, but it's all worth it if you need to get medieval on some shit
  12. People will judge you by your words and actions. You act like you are 12 or 14 so people assume you are.
  13. I tried it once and liked it.
    And I tried it again.
    I’ve been doing it twenty-five years,
    and these friends
    keep asking for more.
    Aw yeah.
    But that’s it.
  14. Lol wtf are gas stations too good for you?

    Or walmart...they have a really good deal 8 lighters for 2.20$ in my area.
  15. You'd have to quite literally be raised by wolves to ask something like that. Or you're just trolling. I'm just going to go with trolling though.
  16. Seeing as how he's the same kid who left me rep saying 'ur gay' (quite a witty repartee, mind you), I'm guessing he's a troll as well as around 12 or 14. He claims to be older yet keeps acting like he's a child.
  17. You mean you're not happy?


    :laughing: @ this thread. Come on dude, even dollar stores sell packs of lighters. And what's wrong with CVS and Walgreens?
  18. They were probably just out of range for his bicycle.
  19. I got a novelty penis lighter from a sex shop...you flick the head and white smoke comes out

    (not really but i will make millions off this idea :devious:)

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