What stage is this? Am I just being impatient?

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  1. Now, before I begin, I just wanna say that everyday with these two ladies are a good day. I flipped 12/12 on 4/20, and im still not seeing any signs of budding. Could someone tell me whats going on? How much longer til I see it progress more? Am i just impatient?

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    A couple things -

    Can we see a whole plant picture?

    What exactly are you using for lighting? Your plant appears to be absolutely starving for lighting.

    Are you sure that it was April 20 that you changed lighting to 12 hours on and 12 hours off? That was 9 weeks ago.

    Do you have light leaking into your area?

    It's been 9 weeks since 4/20/17 - your plants should have budded and you should be harvesting now or in a week... you've definitely got something going wrong.

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  3. Even it does bud - that plant will only produce a couple of grams at best. Looks like it grew in the dark.
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  4. It takes 7-10 days for them to transition from veg to actually having flowers (buds) on them. Why are you taking pics of the limbs? Looking for sex? They'll show sex at 2 months during veg if you know what to look for. Don't have to flower them. Plants grow on their time frame not yours. TWW
  5. Oh boy... lol

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  6. Very informative but the OP switched to 12/12 9 weeks ago. And only autos grow on their own time frame - photos are totally controlled by the grower.
  7. Maybe your timers busted. I don't see how it wouldn't be flowering after 9 weeks
  8. I think i had a slight leak into the room. I was totally overwhelmed with house repairs that I had to change its enviroment 3 times but its in a permanent location now. Is there any chance bringing them back and if so, how? or should I just cut my losses (only grow i was planning on doing) and pray my state legalizes it next year? (Highly likely)

    And the reason I showed the pistils is because I heard thats usually where the budding begins. We all start out as noobs.
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  9. I would start over...if you have that option.

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  10. Unfortunately its not, but its all good. I just hope phil murph does me right and rewrites the bill. They are about to be in a trashcan

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