What stage is my new plant in

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by sittinongold, May 15, 2010.

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  2. What the hell. Thats a jumbled plant=p Id say its still in the vegetative stage, but if i were you id send it into flowering, unless you want to let it grow a little more to give more room for additional nug growth.

  3. haha what do you mean by jumbled?=p
    lets just say a good grower had to get rid of a garadge full of plants FAST ahha.
    picked up 3 like this and 1 shitty one for free. had to get rid of 3 cause my house reeked.
    put them by my newish neighbors down the blocks garbage and i know they blaze
    next morning they were gone go figure :p

    alrightly i am currently using a 5.0 repti uvb cfl bulb but i have been told it will burn the plant
    (brown on leafs possibly from me?):mad:

    what kind of low budget bulb would you recommend using that i can go to the store and pick up??:hello::smoking:
  4. youth can get a 4 pack of 6500k CFLs for about $10. this will work for vegging. if you want to flower then get 2700k lights. be sure they are 26 watts per bulb and not something small like 13 watts. you can get them anywhere lightbulbs are sold.

  5. not trying to be an idiot but will they actually say the K rating on the box?
    i dont like asking questions leading people to assume what im doing...
    ie the dumb old men at home depot.
    cause im gonna take these bulbs back tommorow if the uv bulb is not good for my plant.
    would you reccomend puttin her through flowering??
  6. since cfl lights come in different spectrums they are listed on the package and often have a package that is colored to match the light. I know that at lowes the lights come in orange package for 2700k, grew for 5000k, and blue for 6500k. they are also worded as "warm light" for 2700k, "cool white" for 5000k, and "daylight" for 6500k. these are just normal compact florescent lights (the twisty ones) that replace the old style tungten filement incandescent lights.

  7. yeah man i got you fully %100.
    thanks alot man like forreal.
    +1 in my books. thanks man seriously.
    helped me out so much.:hello:now that i have this lighting off my mind
    time to go roll up some bomb erbs i bought today
    THAT CAME SEALED IN A CAN YES IN A CAN! shit came from jersey hahahaha
    fucking perfect snoop dog sticky icky kush
    :smoking:and im going to go drift my car on some city streets before bed. Thanks alot

  8. i just remembered we have a 24/7 walmart around my place.
    time to zoooooom to the store!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    it is 2:16am lol fridaynight lol

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