What soil to use for plants

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  1. i was looking into buying a lot of soil to fill lots of containers with soil but idk what to use I was thinking about using a earthgrow soil because they are cheap and come with quite a bit of soil. Any advice helps.
  2. I personally like happy frog .

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  3. Is it cheap?
  4. I need to fill 15 7 gallon grow pots so I'm looking for a lot of soil for cheap
  5. Put cheap in, get cheap out. The cheapest soil is none. Go hydro with DWC.
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  6. That's quite a bit of soil....FF ocean Forrest runs about 15-20 a bag(1.5cf)
    Happy frog is a little cheaper and the bags are 2cf I think. For sure there is a tad more in them vs FFof

    You should check out a local gardening store and try and find some in bulk/by the truck. Probably will be a great deal cheaper...

    But Fox Farm soil is good stuff....
  7. 50/50 happy frog and ocean forest with added 20%+ perlite
  8. Well if your going for cheaper I would suggest getting an organic soil from your local nursery and than adding some amendments. That would be cheapest , I get happy frog at about anywhere from $10-16 a bag which is 2cubic feet at my local hydro . (Or Walmart wants $54 a bag lol ) . But I like the humic acids and beneficials

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  9. And as infamous said add perlite no matter what

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  10. I'm not sure where you are located, but if you are in the northeast, I am really liking Coast of Maine Stonington Blend. It is a "super soil" with a lot of amendments and lobster compost. Every plant I've grown in it has been incredibly healthy with vigorous growth. they claim 15 gallons will bring you through an entire cycle, so in 7 you might need to top dress with compost and a few additional amendments halfway through, but it sure beats being a slave to the bottled nutrient companies.

    The only downside is cost. at $28-30 a bag (1.5 cu.ft.), it is an expensive soil that you could likely replicate for cheaper if you wanted to make a large batch, however even the bagged stuff isn't hard to swallow when you consider the money saved on bottles. It comes innoculated with mycorrhizae, plus you'll end up with organic smoke, and all you'll have to do is water. You may be able to get a deal if you buy it by the pallet.

    If you don't live in the northeast, I'm sorry for wasting your time. You could probably have it sent to you, but I imagine shipping will be rough.
  11. I use Dr. Earth Pot of Gold. So much organic goodness with mycorrhizae as well. Sure it aint cheap but it has a good amount of perlite in it but you can get it at your Home Depot but it is too hot for seedlings. I would still add perlite and worm castings for good aeration and to boost the amount of microbes to help feed your plants
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  12. I'm in UK, I use John innes no.1 mixed with perlite + coco for first couple of weeks. I then use a mix of jacks magic seaweed enriched soil, canna coco (10l per 30l) perlite, a small amount of vermiculite, fish bone and blood + bone meal.
    It has all nutes it needs for a good few weeks before it needs any more, I managed to mix it perfectly so it was a great fluffy and airy mix.

    Jacks magic is VERY CHEAP, I can get 5 60l bags for £20 from my local garden centre!

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