what soil do you use when you cant get your hands on fox farm?

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  1. first grow i did scotts potting soil cause i didnt know what the hell i was doing, AND IT WENT GREAT. second grow im doing now i used miracle grow and i ran into many problems. im thinking about killing all of my plants and starting over. i have nutrients ready, but i cant use it due to this killer annoying never ending nute burn.

    what soil do you guys use? thanks.
  2. oh yea.. is there soil that doesnt come with nutrients? or will i have to deplete the nutrients inside the soil before i can use my actual nutrients?
  3. Bumper Crop Organic Soil Amendment + Perlite + Lime and you're good to go with no nutrients for at least 3-5 weeks.

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    Thought I'd stop by to try and help you out..

    Scott's is great because most varieties of it that I've seen are low npk.. Miracle grow can be used, but in order to do so it must be flushed.. The nutes are too strong for seedlings..

    Any soil with a low npk can be used as a base for a good batch of soil.. Then just mix in the amendments of your choice.. Perlite, lime, earthworm castings, etc.


  5. damn no wonder.. i shouldve flushed the stupid mg soil :| my plants are doing so horrible man.. i dont know what to do anymore. im going to give them all one flush and see how it goes. if the leaves still burn.. then im done lol. it is my first time using nutes too. so confusing. its like learning how to cook. and you add different ingredients and whatnot :\ thanks though guys.
  6. No worries hun and you can think of me as a big growing sis.. Feel free to drop by the link in my sig.. There are a lot of great growers there who would be willing to help you out as well as myself..

    The thing with nutes to remember is to rotate waterings.. I don't follow a normal schedule.. I just start gradually adding in just a little at a time until I've worked them up to about a tablespoon or two per gallon of water..

    Flushing should help with the nute burn and just be sure to let her dry out.. The easiest way to do that is to water your girl.. Lift the pot to feel her weight.. Then don't water again until the pot is significantly lighter..

    Mj is a fighter though.. The can bounce back as long as the damage isn't too severe..
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    I am not an advocate of any products, really, and I make my own potting mix most of the time. Other than the trash in MG with mulch and such, it grows a pretty mean weed plant, or any other houseplant really. After reading through this forum, and with regards to trends that I have noticed, curiosity got the best of me. I figure I can grow weed in just about anything, or anywhere.

    As with any plant, many vegetables included, plants should either be started in the medium they will grow in, or be somewhat hardened first before being transplanted.

    Here's a MG plant. Notice there isn't any nutrient burn. Inter-nodal spacing is tight as hell. Secondary branches are stout as well. Good, thick stem which is sturdy as can be. Nice sheen to the leaves.

    Any soil that comes in a bag should be flushed. It's pretty much the same as the drench any soil should get, if for nothing else but to settle it in the pot so that you can see that you have enough instead of ending up with a plant that sets 3" below the rim of the pot.

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  8. ah, this is why i love gc so much, everyone is so helpful. thank you guys.. much love. ill check out everyones links soon!
  9. I don't use nothing but soilless mix , soil mixes like fox farm however sound more convenient for new growers , there are already nutes within the soil and I'm assuming the soil comes at a proper ph , so you don't need to have a ph pen if your water is near nuteral ( when mixing nutes you need to ph the water since nutes alter it plants prefer somewhere around 6.0 but you can get away with 7.0 ive found most peoples tap water in my area is somewhere around 7.0
  10. I mix coco and light warrior. Works great!!! No lime needed
  11. blah, why did i have to add nutes!!! to the already horrifying mg..
  12. I've been having success with miracle gro organic. I took it home, flushed it completely prior to adding seeds.
  13. sunshine #4 mix - I will mix that in a 30-40% ocean forest and the rest sunshine #4 but lately I have been using general organics nutes so I dont use the ocean forest anymore

    you can also just use coco coir, its really pretty nice and much better then the coco tek bricks its already treated with a base agent so it wont absorb all the calcium magnesium and iron in your nutes like normal coco will - its free of nutes os you will have to add some but that IMO is better because I have burned plants in ocean forest before

  14. gg dude. lucky T_T
  15. oh yea guys, i flushed, but they are still burning, did i do it right, i didnt measure how much i put in, but i know i flushed with a lot of water? i flushed and perlite started floating. do you guys re mix the perlite or take it out when it floats?
  16. just let the perlite sit on top it will act like a block so when you water you dont get those divots from the water

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