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What Smoking Method Gets You The Highest?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by DroneSmokes420, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. This is for all you seasoned smokers, i wanna know what method do you enjoy the most and what smoking method gets you the highest? I get everyone is different i'm just curious, because i on one hand love rolling and smoking king sized joints and blunts but the percolated bong gets me the highest and i do enjoy it lol. If i had a volcano i would have said that would top the bong. GO!

  2. I use my single perc HiSi bong.
  3. my double perc bong for sure
  4. dat water glass technology yo
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  5. that one where you inhale always gets me the highest 
    Seriouslt take a six inch snake, try to reply to this message, and tell me I'm wrong.
  7. I don't care what anyone says. Bong rips will get you highest.
  8. I really love bong hits out of a nice glass piece. But a well made gravity bong gets me the highest.
  9. Vaping :D
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  10. bong hits always get you the highest
    i prefer joints, its a more progressive high
  11. Bongs all the way.
    Never dabbed, so I can't rule that out lol.
  12. Ice bong or gas mask.
  13. Dab for sure. But oil is a different beast. Bongs all the way.
  14. Imagine a bong rip that doesn't feel like anything, then when you blow smoke out you already feel high as fuck. You then are forced to cough out a lung, this my friend is a dab.
    I kinda want to dab u down since ur a dabbing virgin
  15. ice bong, rapid fire that shit, like finish the bowl pack in under 5 minutes from the green hit. the slider can hold about a G and change.
    Haha that's what my dealer says, he wants me to dab but I don't really hang out with him much to try it. Looks yummy though for sure.
  17. They're a lot of fun. If you get a chance try it!
    I have never dabbed i want to so bad, i'm a seasoned smoker and the only things i haven't tried are oils and wax's.
    I love joints to they're such a nice easy going smoke, i love rolling them too. IMO you can roll them faster than blunts. The perc bong is usually pretty nice.
  20. 216 (area code) percolated bong with ash catcher and pirate bowl head :)

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