What Smash Bro Character Are You

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  1. I was hanging with my friends and me and this kid we arguing over Super Smash Bros. for N64 (to the point where he wanted to fight me) over who would beat who. Well today after a Vape Pipe bowl, a bowl of mystery bud, and 2 bowls from a bong :smoke: we all decide to play Super Smash Bors. for N64. Everyone who has played that game knows that there is a character that you have to be.

    So I was wondering... What Super Smash Bro. character is everyone?

    My friend claim to beGod with Kirby, but I smacked them around tonight with Ness (he's my character), I would mess them up all night with tosses.

    Well how about it GC, what Super Smash Bro. are you?
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    Kirby hands down. I dont know how you can play with Ness, I can never ever get him back on the platform with that ball thing that you have to control for it to work.
  3. Always play as Fox
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    Donkey kong. :devious:

  5. Falco, Link or Samus.

    I can pwn with anyone but jiggly puff.
  6. Fox is the best I'm fairly certain.
    No other character can shoot out such a constant stream of projectiles that can rack up the damage percentage hardcore if you are a fast enough button masher.
  7. john stamos
  8. Falco can dude, and his lasers stun the opponent.
  9. [​IMG]

    Bling bling, bitches.
  10. Falco can't shoot nearly as fast as Fox, in terms of projectile speed and ability Fox would definitely win.
    Although I used to use Falco all the time on the Gamecube,
    I gradually made the switch to Fox because his laser is ridiculously fast.
  11. I am deadly with the Pika-Thunder. I will launch myself into people.

    I will mess people up with the Yo-yo and my aerial A attacks. Kirby is nasty thought too. I will lay down the law with Ness's toss, launches you off the map at 70-80%.
  12. Captain Falcon, no one can beat me when I play as him

  13. [​IMG]

    I agree with whoever said Falco.
  14. Link!

    Zelda: A Link To the Past for SNES was always my favorite game as a kid, so I guess that's the reason I play with Link, plus I've developed a few different game plans that are pretty specific to Link.
  15. Captan falcon wins everytime time.
  16. Well damn, since Ganondorf isn't on the poll, I'll say Luigi. Blasting people with his limp noodle dive gets me rollin' everytime.
  17. Kirby for lyfe. aint nobody fuckin wit me man
  18. Kirby is for people that suck as Smash bros and just want to steal everyone elses abilities and are to lazy to learn to play with a real character.

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