what size stem/bowl should i buy?

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  1. My stem/bowl has gotten broken over the time i have used it.i have posted pictures, and i am thinking the size stem/bowl in the picture is 14mm. but i am not quite sure of the size. can you tell me what size you think it is? i could really use the help. thanks everyone! keep on tokin;) :smoke:

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  2. 12mm grommet slide
  3. I have the same question.
  4. Your current downstem is 3.5cm and you want to put one in thats 8cm? Are you sick?

    What you have is a 12mm grommet bowl like you were told earlier. Get a real bong or go buy another 5 doller bowl. Sorry.
  5. A real bong? A bong, is a bong, no matter the price. His downstem is NOT 3.5cm, it's 3.5 inches, which equals around 8cm. He/she had an honest question, no need to harp on them. Also he/she was never told it was a 12mm grommet bowl earlier. It seems your reading comprehension is that of a 9 yr. old. Sorry.

    @BoneyJive, might want to try a 14mm Glass on Glass to 12mm Grommet Adapter. I believe they go for around $15-25.

  6. "It seems your reading comprehension is that of a 9 yr. old. Sorry."
  7. Try again, boney is not OP, so he was actually not told that he has a 12mm grommet slide, as he posted his pictures after that was said.

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