What size grow tent?

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  1. Hey blades,

    I have come to a place in my life where I can start the grow that I've wanted. I had a pc case growing a few years back, but I am looking at something much bigger. I have a big walk-in closet to use. The home is owned, so no worries about surprise visitors.

    This will be a 2nd-story grow, so I'm thinking I should be using extra precautions for heat? I intend on just growing inside a grow tent. I want to grow 6 plants. I'm hoping to try to pull 3 lbs off of 6 plants. Is this realistic? The largest grow tents could fit in this closet, but I'm not trying to spend more than $300 on the tent. I want a tent size that is Ideal for 6 plants, no more than that, so I don't need the biggest size. Everything else will fall into place after this purchase.

    So what size should I buy?
  2. 4x4x6 or what ever hight you need

    3 lbs of 6 plants it is possible but you won't be doing it in a tent a more real number is 1 gram per watt of light during flower

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