what size bowl should i buy?

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  1. will a 14.5 mm bowl or a/c fit in this downstem?

    the dime covers the hole comepletely and does not go into the downstem.[​IMG]
  2. can you post a side view
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  4. Looks 18MM
  5. alright, thanks for the tip, but how sure are you? I dont want to buy something that is too big and i cant use
  6. I'm not too sure. A dime fell through one of my 18mm joints, but not the 14 one....

    The diameter of the entire piece looks too small to be 18 mm I think.... But I'm not an expert, just posting what I did and think.
  7. That is a low profile downstem you use 14m bowls or slide
  8. yeh its pretty small, i have a bowl from a bubbler with a downstem and pull out bowl, and it doesnt fit, i cant imagine it being bigger than 18mm...i guess i will go with 14.5 and hope for the best
  9. That is a 14.4 you can almost fit your thumb in a 18
  10. thanks all, ill save pics of bong for when i get my A/c

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