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What sites can i go to that describes pcp and its symptoms

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smallwonder, Oct 16, 2002.

  1. Hey evryone, im really ***king baked right now. I just smoked with some sophmores and they said we smoked pcp.i wanna know if they were being intensly sarcastic or whether they were tellling the truth. can you smoke pcp? what is it like?

  2. not to scare u but rather to inform pcp is also known as angel dust and is very possibly the worst drug u could do it essentially tranqualizes your brain so u dont feel pain and dont know what you are doing and causes your body to pump much adrenaline all this = psycho, not feeling pain, abnormally fast and strong, police might shoot u if u get out in society
  3. PCP in high doses has been known to make people think that they're invincible.

    I've heard about people who've been arrested and they've broken out of handcuffs by breakin their wrists. But they don't feel any pain until the PCP has worn off.

    It actually used to be used as an anaesthetic until they realised that patients would become delusional and extremely violent and dangerous.

    Now people use it for fun :D What a strange world.
  4. About a month after I first started getting high, I smoked with these people I didn't really know and after all the trauma was over, I found out that the j was laced with Angel Dust. Had I known, I might have been prepared but I wasn't so the whole experience scared me. I had a huge gash on my leg that didn't hurt until the next it's true about the brain disassociating itself from the body.
  5. yep and D9 it was used as an anestetic but 4 horses not humans thats why it's so powerful
  6. pcp fucks you up, ive smoked some laced shit and what the others are saying is right. You feel like your fuckin superman, nothing hurts you i mean NOTHING.. that is until the shit wears off
  7. Does PCP have a similar effect to Cocaine?
  8. no.. more like dxm and k
  9. Try about 60 mgs of Adderall. Ohh, that feels so awesome, like you're just kind of floating and feeling terrific.
  10. A friend of mine went to a debate camp for the summer and came back with lots of funny stories. In particular, he told me how he once tried adderall and meth at this camp b/c it was like a brain supper drug. It made your brain crazy smart and you see things really wierd.

    He went out to a go cart track with some friends from camp and he saw everything in mathematical graphs. Even while he was racing on the track.

    Is this possible ? I mean could that happen?

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