what should i use?

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  1. hey is there anything that i should use for pot growing? such as nutrients or anything of that nature?
    also do you guys have any tips for me? i just put the seed in a pot and watered it.
  2. Its much more complicated than just that but you can just do that, but your effort will reflect on your weed, less effort shittier weed, more effort bettter weed. but 1st off, use a good airy soil, i recommend Promix BX or HP, then use a fertilizer with a higher nitrogen, like a 5-1-1 or 10-5-5. then for flower use a fertlizer with a higher phophorus and potassium, like a 5-10-10 or 10-20-20
  3. Read the stickies and use the search button. Your questions have been answered aleady zillions of times. Good luck.
  4. And we are serious when we say zillions. This questions asked atleast 2-3 times a week.
  5. The new comers dont realize theres a search button and stickies.

    Theres a great sticky that my buddy Corto has taken the time to write, i would appericate it if you read his stickies and thanked him for all the time it took to do that. I thank him for it because with out his sticky this question would be asked 5 times more often.
  6. thanx for all the help!!!
    FortysAndBlunts- i will definitely check out your buddies sticky!!!

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