what should i plant next??

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  1. so i am gonna start a new grow with fem seeds
    out of these which should i grow?
    cali connect deadhead og
    cali connect pre 98 bubba
    dutch passion masterkush
    dutch passion skywalker
    dutch passion blueberry
    dna lemon skunk
    reserva privada sour kush
    reserva privada purple wreck

    if you do reply tell me why you picked the one u did....thanks....will be germinating in a few days.
  2. Picked the sour kush because it is one of my all time favorites
    Also anything sour makes for some great smoke
    Except some sour haze though, it was so so
  3. Lemon skunk.......so tasty
  4. I also picked the Sour Kush, because that was SUCH a good head high. One of my all time favorite smokes.

    I still remember the one and only time I smoked that stuff. "Headband" they call it. That must have been 3 years ago. Could not stop laughing, and it literally felt like I was wearing a headband.

  5. thats cool.....the reserva privada sour kush is aka headband, but not the 707 or the 818........thanks
  6. I would choose either of the Cali Connection.
    Only because I hear so much bad and good about them Id like to see how it turned out.
  7. Def the bubba kush...I've heard nothing but good about that strain...
  8. i love skunk so much haha
  9. Purple Wreck, train wreck is a unique but, purple variants, if you get one, that's a incredibly fun bud, and hopefully a spectacular purple.

    Although I've looked into purple wreck for myself, didn't grow it yet, but I'm going to try TGA subcools qrazy train before I try purple wreck, both share similar genes and traits. But you do what you want to do with strains.

    For a secondary choice out of that list you have, I'd say cali connection pre 98 bubba, can't go wrong there.
  10. been growing QT for the last 2 years, best phenos are not purple, the ones that are purple are pure bag appeal; frosty light purple nugs with a slight berry scent.

    Champagne pheno. is favs though, flowers at 9 weeks , but soooo Effn speedy on that first hit.. I dare you to sit still, I find myself wandering around still holding the bong..
  11. Lemon Skunk....warm, sweet, tangy.

    Think I will shop tomorrow. I have none, and now I need some.

    I voted for the lemon skunk, but I also rather like Skywalker. It appears to be a love it or hate it strain. Read a few dozen reports on forums and sites, and everyone was very polar. I have smoked and hashed this. With the hash I find the utterly oblivious and mulit-center confusion a little overwhelming, but I was sedated enough to not be capable of moving, drooling, not sexy at all :D ...smokes better, with stoney and buzzy and dumb and high for about 2 hours.
  12. Haha, nail on head. Love the stuff when I can find it at the clubs.

    Lemon skunk if you like citrus/lemon bud. Smell, taste, all good.

    Skywalker is a great choice too.

    Purple wreck is awesome too. I've had it at clubs, but it was clone only source, not the RP seed source. Taste is all urkle, high all tw. Devastatingly strong. Smoke a J, get's a little spiny sometimes, great way to spend a horizontal evening. Lay down/sit down bud. But, idk what luck you will have finding that in seed, happy searching!

    I didnt vote, cuz ^ thats my vote, in that order.
  13. the poll ended up with dna lemon skunk winning....but i germinated rp sour kush.....when its up and growing i will b in touch
  14. It was a fix!!!
    That headband sounds good tho...

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