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  1. Recently I've been looking into something to smoke out of that could be more discreet.
    I love smoking joints but recently I've been rooming with some people who aren't very okay with it. 
    I would like it to be discreet and on the go while not smelling too much.
    I would love a Pax but that's out of my budget so I looked into the MFLB but I'm still looking to go cheaper so that's my last ditch effort. 
    I also looked into dugouts. I really like the Mangetic Poker Box but my problem with it is that I heard that smoking out of aluminum bats isn't the best. I don't believe the whole Alzheimer's myth but I'd still prefer to avoid using aluminum bats. 
    I'm wondering if anyone can tell me about a healthier replacement for aluminum bats that would still fit into a dugout. I was thinking about quartz but I can't find a place to buy them. 
    What about Monkey Pipes would you guys recommend that over dugouts in overall efficiency? 

  2. I think a monkey pipe is more sneaky but at the same time the smaller it is the less they hold. I would still probably go with the monkey pipe, I am buying one myself soon.
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    if u want cheaper then a mflb which is 70 on ebay. u can get a vapor genie. with that ull be going thru lighters like cazy so i wud recomend getting a refillable and a bottle with butane. but they have lifetime warranty. free tips and free screens. and are $40 on ebay. the cheapest vape hthere is with great reviews. i had one about 2 years ago and i loved it. till my parents found it. 
    also have u thought about a smoke buddy? i never personally used one since i never needed especially now that li live by myself ut ive herd great things. but ud still have to get a pipe so the joints smoke doesnt come off nd go everywhere
  4. one of thosemetal/rubber bullet pipes that don't throw out smoke and cost like 4 bucks
  5. If smell is the number one problem, I'd say invest in a carbon filter no matter which piece you decide to get. The Smoke Buddy is roughly $20 on amazon and it works more efficiently and lasts longer than homemade sploof so don't let anyone tell you that it's "just a sploof." 

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