What should i do?

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  1. so i planted my seed and its been like 2 almost 3 days and it hasnt sprouted? should i dig up and check? or do what?

  2. dont dig it up, you could ruin the seed, let it sit until it comes out on its own,
    what is your seed in ?
  3. its in some soil i bought its some humid control kind and its in a smaller pot to be transplanted later into a 5 gal
  4. How deep did you plant it?

    Tell us more about that soil -- brand, type, etc.

    Definitely don't dig it up. Either the seed will sprout, in which case digging it up probably will ruin it, or it won't, in which case digging it up vs. leaving it alone doesn't change anything. So, nothing to gain and possibly everything to lose by digging it up.

  5. If you simply planted and are germinating in the soil you have a few days. Be patient.
  6. Yeah if you just planted the seed without germinating it outside of the soil first, then it takes a few more days for it to sprout. Just wait a week and keep the soil moist.
  7. nope the seed had a SMALL tap root. but im just worried/

  8. Just be patient. Growers often have anxiety over just about anything. Takes time for something to emerge from the soil. If in 5-7 days it does not it most likely never will.... being that you had some tap root before you planted it should emerge.
  9. How deep did you plant it and did you make a small hole for the taproot to start growing downwards and like said above just keep the soil lightly moist. Temperatures and humidity play a part in the germing speed as well as how deep you planted the seed. I hope you have not damaged the taproot but i would give it a week dependent on how deep you planted the seed.
    (good luck).
  10. yeai planted it about 1 inch down
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    Thats your problem there. When planting seeds 1/4" or 6-7mm deep is what you should do. Can you see any root or what is it planted in. If its possible to dig up without touching the taproot the go for it very carefully and replant it. Its far to deep under the soil.
  12. just move the soil till u see the top of it and stop there. don't touch the plant till it "wakes up" and gets some light... it's what I would do... just don't try to lift the little seedling up or anything like that. do not disturb the plant at this phase.

    hope it makes it

  13. Yes a good idea if its in a pot. Remove the soil on top or the root tip will end up growing through the bottom first if this has not happened already. Its all down to how deep the soil is as apposed to the depth of the seed.
    (if the depth of the soil was for example 3" and its been planted an inch deep its going to throw the taproot out the bottom first and then you have the seed shell and cotleydons struggling to sprout the surface of the soil).

    Hope that makes sense.
  14. it does Twista... I hope it makes it dailydealer.

  15. What does ??.
    The depth of soil is of most importance.
  16. it does make sense to me.

    i am in agreement with you TWISTA
  17. Okay.. So i checked and the tap root went back into the seed? but you could still see it so i just put it in as far as you said and made the soil moist and then put a note book over it to keep in humidty then put it in a heating pad/
  18. I understand. Sorry i was switching between other tasks and got mixed up.

  19. Good. Lets hope all is well for you.
  20. did i do the right think :(

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