what should i do?

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  1. I work at a nature preserve, pretty much noone ever goes out here and I noticed one day that someone has marijuana plants planted in the middle of a field with fencing around it it and miracle grow. The plants are about 3 feet tall and pretty wide but there's no buds seeds or pollin sacks on it, I don't know if they're male or female. Also there is a bunch of wild weed growing that is seeding. How can I make some hash from these planters because this is obviously good weed its very wide and full and green and smells AMAZING! What should I do?
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    Go up to it and stick in a sign in the dirt that says "please share?" and then leave your email on there. Don't jack anybody's crop

  3. There still in veg, but don't be a dick man ripping plants isn't cool.

    AND DON'T DO IT, that could be a fellow GC member you your trying to Rip off.
  4. You should do the right thing and walk away. Karma will come back & bite you on the ass.
  5. I'm not gunna jack it don't worry lol, more out less I'm just curious. I wouldn't steal it, in fact I've been covering it up do my boss and co worker didn't steal it, so does that mean they're doing a good job growing it if it's that big and it's still in veg stage?

  6. It's most likely a sativa strain that's why there so big and plant's only flower when the sun light hours switch to 12 light 12 darkness but yeh he sounds like a good grower, maybe leave a stick note saying something like.

    Hey man nice plants i'm not going to take them i like growing to and smoking but there in a risky spot if my boss finds them he might take them.

    Just let him know man if there in Veg he can still move them, but as soon as they start to flower he wont be able to move them.
  7. prune the plant. take a clone :)
  8. Okay thanks for the help, I'll do that, so does that make them male or female?
  9. Leave A note by it with contact info. and Read the book BIGGEST PUMPKIN EVER...
  10. Let it be. Don't leave contact information for them. What if authorities find it first? then the only thing they have to go off is your contact info, and that would make you an accomplice. The most I would do is snip a clone (maybe) and just walk away don't say anything don't do anything. And I would be hesitant on taking a clone, most likely if they were any kind of smart about it they would have motion trail cams.
  11. I will take a somewhat different tact. If it would be your job to report it, then report it. Don't jeopardize your own job because of someone else's stupidity or poor choices in selecting their grow location on a preserve. Then your boss can handle as s/he wishes, which probably will be to chop it down. Or, if it's your job, you could just chop down the grow yourself and toss it. So no ripping, you're doing your job.

    If it's not your job then leave it alone and pretend you never saw it.
  12. That's prolly wut ill end up doing because this happened before and they cut it down and called the sheriff and basically they said all they can do is take it down and to let them know if there is anymore activity because there was less than 10 plants or something like that, like u said its not worth loosing my job over cuz its a really good job.
  13. Also if anyone is a hunter I discovered deer love weed. I never saw them in that area before and now every time I go by there they're all laying by it and guarding it and won't move unless u get really close. Idk maybe they like the smell of it...I know I sure do
  14. I believe in good karma and all that, but look at it this way: I grow indoors because outdoor is riskier in general and just not feasible on my property, but then suppose I discover someone else has a grow on my property. Without hesitation I would chop it down, I don't need that kind of trouble, and I wish those growers all the good karma I can in finding a new grow spot. Good karma is something you grant, not something that someone else can just assume to be taking from you.
  15. Tru dat brother
  16. Those plants are mine!
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    Haha ya I'm sure
  18. They love the taste of it, they will eat your buds off.
  19. They probably don't want you taking their crop.

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