What should i do?

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  1. I recently transplanted about 15 plants outside and on Sunday night it is supposed to reach a low of 38 degrees at night. Should I cover them or will they be alright?
  2. That is pretty cold ! The main question is how old are your plants ....if they are close to a foot then they should be allright, but otherwise be careful with young plants they do not like the cold! :eek:
  3. Right now they are bout 3 weeks from seed so not quite a foot yet
  4. They are about 3 weeks from seed right now not quite a foot
  5. Sorry to say but low 40's is pushing it, I would say bring them inside but if they are in the ground put trashbags over them and pray
  6. I would cover them for sure. If you can't, they will probably be alright. Shouldn't frost at 38 degrees, should it? Are they in containers or the ground? The ground will retain warmth.

    You could water them real good during the day, before it gets cold. The evaporating water from the soil will be warm, and kind of keep the plants warmer than the air. Just a thought.
  7. That old they should be fine..might slow them a day or 2 but dont think it will kill em
  8. Alright thanks

  9. Sorry but thats just not true, evaporating water makes things COLDER ( it takes energy to break the bonds between water molecules to make them evaporate , thus taking energy (heat ) Away from the environment).. why do you think your cold when you get out of a pool or shower?
  10. If ur that worries about temps, till up the area u gonna plant in, lay thick black plastic down and cover with a inch or two of soil, cut holes in the plastic to plant in, the black plastic will absorb heat and help the soil retain it on a sunny day the top few inches of the soil will go up 10-15 degrees

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