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What should i do?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by eyeinfluence, May 11, 2010.

  1. Well, long story short i agreed to smoke a joint and my friend said i owe him $20. For 1 joint. It WAS kush and the joint was the same thickness as a pencil but $20?! Idk about that...

    Should i pay the $20? or what should i give him?
  2. If you agreed to pay him $20, pay up.

    If he told you afterwards than it's fucked up. Even if it cost him that much, which it didn't, he should have told you. It's your decision here, depending on your relationship to him etc. Doesn't sound like he's a good friend though.
  3. Fuck nah.

    1) The stuff he's smoking probaby isn't even real kush, that's just what his dealer tells him.

    2) Even if it was that'd go for no more then $20 a gram, and I doubt that joint was a gram.
    Even if it was a full gram joint (that'd be a fatass joint), he probably smoked some of it too.

    3) He offered to smoke you up right? There was no talk of money before the joint was lit? If you did agree to give him 20 bucks, that'd be a different story (and stupid on your part).

    If one of my friends asked me if I wanna smoke a joint with them, Id never suspect they were gonna charge me shit afterwards out of the blue. That's just low, if he says anything show him this thread and let him know GC has your back, hahaha.
  4. He's just realized that now that he and you smoked that joint he has none or very little bud left to himself, so now he's pulling some sneaky move to squeeze a few bucks out of you.

    If he's a good friend of yours then just offer to smoke him up, don't just pay him off.

    If he's not a good friend tell him to fuck off and go buy a dub of some danky.
  5. Yea don't play that shit..

    Tell him to pick up like a half quarter of it and you will go in half on the next one, then split it.
  6. Well, his friend is probably the one with the connections, maybe not OP.
    Someone who tried to charge me $20 after smoking me up half a joint, I wouldn't trust with my bag. ;) Just keep your guard up and expect the unexpected/expected w/e, lol.
  7. If you said you would pay 20, then pay him 20. Money is one of the easiest ways to destroy a relationship. Do some more research about prices in your area and on the quality of bud so you will know next time. I wouldn't pay 20 bucks a joint here in the NW unless it was beyond dank, but in some areas that is not too outrageous of a price. It's just 20 bucks, who gives a fuck. You will know better in the future what is appropriate.

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