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  1. Alright so I have a friend that knows a guy that deals...So I asked him if he could ask the guy for a dub sack..Everything was good I got the dub, and I asked the dude for his number. He said my friend had it get it from him. I said ok cool. So I smoke some of the bag first to see if its any good, and it is. So I ask my friend for the dealers number and he just sits there...I'm high so I'm like w/e...so the next day I ask him on facebook for the dudes number...and he says he doesn't have his phone near him...which i suspect to be bs...now my friend has been ignoring me for like 2 weeks....he's training to be a "park ranger" so if he doesn't wanna be around marijuana i understand that....but i think he doesn't want to hang out with me because he thinks I'm a pothead, just because i asked for the dealer's number a few times...i don't have any other dealers, so i've been dry for a while and i'm not sure what to do...

    Should i still try to be this guys friend?? i don't want to break a friendship over weed, but it seems like he doesn't want to associate wiith me anymore and he's acting wierd..
  2. dont worry man youre probably being paranoid but if not, fuck that guy. what if he stopped hanging out with you because you started doing tap dancing or something instead of smoking weed. anyone who ignores you for being youurself isnt your friend anyway.
    its not like youre choosing weed over him because you wouldnt wanna be this guys friend anyway if hes like that.

    but i seriously doubt that he thinks wanting to have the number of a pot dealer makes you drugfucked.
  3. drive to his house and politely ask for the number
  4. i hate faggets that think its cool for u to go thru them to score a bag they should just let u have dudes number its not like its him making money KIcK HIs aSS i hate pussy ass bitches ad another thing what kinda a pussy says dawgie ??????????

  5. lol wut...im not gonna fight somebody over a phone number...lol....and who said dawgie...
  6. you got to do what you got to do to get that chronic:smoking:
  7. That's what i'm sayin...and dude had dank so i can't forget...
  8. Sounds to me like the dealer donst want you to call him. Didnt you ask for his number and he said to get it from your friend? So why couldnt the dealer have just given you his number then and there?

    Your friend prob isnt giving you his number b/c the dealer prob told him not to give it to you. I would find another dealer and just go back to the way things were before this ever happened between you and your friend and dont mention that dealer anymore. There are plenty of people who deal, just solialize and ask around, you will find more.
  9. I wish i knew why the dealer wouldn't give you his number. He seems to be acting strange. I dunno dudes i buy from usually make a point to give their number out so i buy from them again.
  10. Just wait a lil while....or say you hurt your wrist and wrap it and then the dude will feel bad when you need the chronic for the pain

    Your just trying to get high no harm done.
  11. The reason he didn't give me his number directly I think is because the spot we did the deal was kinda hot and he was in a rush..
    But maybe you're right...I'll let it go

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