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  1. SO this is my first time growing a weed plant. it is going to rain for the whole week and i dont know what to do, i dont know what stage my plant is in and if its okay for my plant to be outside. Right now it is in my room 67769841_409468849912062_533542922230956032_n.jpg 67310716_458372411662507_2749083127354753024_n.jpg
  2. I t looks like it's going to be fine in the rain... not too fragile.
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  3. i read that leaving it out in the rain for long periods of time can hard the bud, and can cause mold
  4. Good thing there are not any buds on there yet. ;)
  5. yeah, even though its gonna rain for like 1 week
  6. Do you have any lights ? If not will the sun be out at all during your rainy day? I dont grow outside but if you have light obviously just put it under that, if not just throw it next to a window.
  7. i trew it next to a window XD
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