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  1. I wasn't sure where else to post this so I apologize if this seems random. I work at a local hardware store that will pay me $16 an hour for a new position. I'm not 100% that I will love it, as I am currently very unhappy in the position I'm in. The only good part is I get to play with plants all day, now this new position will have nothing to do with them. I was planning on quitting so I found another job that will bring me happiness. With both jobs ill bring home $1442 a month, and also go to school. The store I'm at now offered me will bring home $2262- 2500 a month. Ill still go to school, but not get the classroom environment I was hoping for. I really need the money because right now my fiance is financially supporting me and I really want to be the one to take him out on a date for once. He says not to worry about it and that he sees how hard I'm looking for a job/working. But I feel like a mooch even though he knows and believes that I am not. Thoughts?I <3 hobbit weed
  2. Go on, take the money and run..

    Woo ooh ooo!

  3. I agree with Defiled, money is happiness, I don't care who you are, money may not "buy" happiness, but it sure makes happiness a lot easier to come by. When you get that big fat paycheck, you'll be like hell yeah lol. Work there, save up a good amount of money, and then go do something you love. Best of both worlds. 
  4. The other job is giving me a free tablet and its doing something I would absolutely LOVE. It would give me a set schedule, and leave me room for school. If I kept the hardware store job- I'd give up my schedule and school. I <3 hobbit weed
  5. Nah, fuck it then. School is more important in my opinion. School will make you the serious money and who doesn't love free stuff. I love free stuff. Give me full details next time before I go running my mouth lol. I take it back. Go do what you love and the money will come. 
  6. I knew I needed more stoney birds in my life <3. I <3 hobbit weed
  7. Yesss...am I this stoney bird you speak of? Wtf is a stoney bird haha. 
  8. Plus if I don't get to work with plants, I'd hate it. I <3 hobbit weed
  9. Lol yes you are. N just a name we used to call stoners :pI <3 hobbit weed
  10. I am a stoney bird lol. Good luck on your endeavors! Learn all you can about growing plants, and then grow weed. No matter what you'll always be happy. Not happy? Smoke. Need money? Sell. Total win win. 
  11. This forum helps me sell plants at work and fix them. I had to teach my bitch boss what a spidermite was and why her plants were full of webs. Smfh!!! I'm about to post pics of my snake plant. He is worrying me. I <3 hobbit weed
  12. I did come to a decision about work and I genuinely thank you for your input. The 3rd party vote helps greatly. I <3 hobbit weed
  13. dont take a job you hate for money.  don't stay in a job you hate if you have another choice.
  14. I also like not worrying about monies. But long-term is better in this case from what I can see. I <3 hobbit weed
  15. Wrong section.  This part of the forums is for discussing religions, beliefs, spirituality...not jobs and indecision.
  16. Get the money. Sent from my SM-T217S using Tapatalk
  17. [quote name="RippedMonk" post="19399373" timestamp="1390594528"]Wrong section. This part of the forums is for discussing religions, beliefs, spirituality...not jobs and indecision.[/quote]Its about chasing happiness and indecision. That to me is what spirituality is all about. But like I said, wasn't sure where else to put it. I don't think I'm going to give up school. I gotta turn it Down. I <3 hobbit weed

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