What should I do with this plant? Shrived and mutant looking leaves

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by hughdunit, Apr 25, 2016.

  1. I've had issues with this thing from day dot, it took forever to pop and then it reacted badly to first nutes and ended up looking like this:



    Its an auto, a dark devil from sweet seeds. I am pissed cause i wanted to really grow this. Its in coco and i am using coco A+B from H&G and roots from the same company. It is a PH issue, that i am sure as i have seen plenty of examples that looked like this and I have adjusted the PH but since it happened all the new grwoth has looked shrived up and mongy.

    TBH I dont know if it will produce any good buds and just looking at it everyday pisses me off as it stands out amongst all my other healthy looking plants.

    Should i just give up on it and abort it? Or will it still give me decent buds?

  2. Never know unless you try if you saw my plant at a start you would have called me crazy for even trying. It was so dry it was dead and by some miracle it lived and is now 3 feet tall

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  3. Hi let it grow x
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  4. This plant is gone ....sorry!

    Its nothing you have done at all!!!! ..........but lies in the breeding

    its been seriously mutated I suspect,

    with gene altering shit done by the amateur breeder

    I hope you send a pic to the guy you got the seeds from

    as the only time I've seen a plant like this(leaves) was done as a result of bad breeding

    there is some nute burning going on, but nothing to worry your socks about

    next grow go straight to the 3 us gallon pot, use quality mix and add 30% perlite

    good luck
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  5. Its from sweetseeds and not some random breeder.

    So i should send sweetseeds an email with a pic letting them know two of their lines are prone to mutations?

    So even i flower its going to produce shitty buds with low THC?
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  6. So here are some current pics of this mongy plant, ugly looking but producing some beautiful flowers.

    Day 40 from seed

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