what should i do with my kief?

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  1. hey everyone,

    I currently am dry for the first time in a long time!!!! sux but what i was happy to remember was seeing the kief catch in my grinder!!!! so its prob a lil over a 1/3 full so theres a lot in there. the good thing is that i only usually smoke good bud so all that kief is from good quality nugs! I have sprinkled kief on a bowl of bud before a lot and its great but i actually want to make some hash or something. What would be the best way to make kief hash and how should i do it?
  2. Go to the processing room. Look at Hashmoufs way to make your kif into hash.

    Foil plus iron and iron board= hash

  3. throw that in the search bar ;)
  4. ya a video would be way more explanitory then me just telling you it. google that shit bro.
  5. i believe either MattC or HPI have a pretty simple pressed kief tutorial in the stash jar?
  6. hpidriver does...
  7. Check my sig ;)
  8. hpi tutorial pulls waay hard. love those little kief cakes. i like to just save mine up for as long as possible. have about 1.4 or so saved up right now and growing. love da kief
  9. all u have to do is fold a piece of paper and put the kief in one spot on the crease of the paper and then take and iron and set it down for a few seconds

  10. Yea you're right, it's a great tutorial.

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