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What should i do with my kief.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by MrOneHitWonder, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. I have a couple grams of kief that I've been saving up for shits and giggles and the time has come to use it but idk what to do with it. What can I make with it? Also I just bought a mflb can I put some in there and vape it?
  2. Ill PM you my address and then you can pack it all up and send it to me and I will press it into a nice puck and smoke it all :bongin:
  3. smoke it. don't put it in the mflb unless there's a layer of bud beneath. It will leave a sticky residue on your screen if its straight on there.
  4. Yes sir, yes you can, should and hopefully will. kief is awesome and fun. :D Roll it up to tiny lumps and vape it, make a joint or bong it, if you have a screenless bong you can put some on top of bud. I prefer to make a spliff, but I'm a tobacco smoker anyway. Have fun. :)
  5. put it in a salt shaker and use it to season your food. :D
  6. What I like to do is pack a bowl. Ill put some weed then a layer of kief them put more bud on top of that then another layer of kief on the top.
  7. make super potent qwiso budder out of it :)

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