What should I do with my Jeep?

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  1. I have a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.2L 4WD, and it has problems. I got it for $1000 running. Has 194,000 miles on it. I put in a new water pump since the old one was royally fucked. I also put a new steering pump line in. It doesn't run at the moment, I think it needs a starter. I also know for a fact it needs front end work. I am pretty sure I have fucked myself on this though. I dont know if I should just get the piece running and sell it ASAP or if I should keep it, get a job with it, and eventually turn it into a mud toy with a 5.9L or even a 4.0L straight 6. Having that as a mud toy, I would probably have to get a more reliable vehicle for work before I start putting decent money into the Jeep.

    What do ya guys think? I know I messed up by buying it but try and give me some advice.
  2. First step either way is to fix it and make it reliable
  3. I'd get her running and drop it like its Hott. Lol. Unless you're in love with this particular vehicle. You can find one mechanically sound with Maybe some suspension work needed for 1000-2000. Should be able to get at least 1500 for yours once it's running and driving.

    I'm particularly attached to my current jeep so I'm dealing with all the crap right now. Something's wrong electric wise somewhere. So
    I'm considering doing a motor swap for sbc 350

  4. I am kind of in love with this one since it's my first vehicle but I also know I could of done better if I had waited and looked more. I would really like to get her running, get a real job with it, save up for a regular driving vehicle, and then turn the Jeep into a beastly toy.

    I just don't know man.
  5. My advice on beast mode jeep.. Are u serious about wheeling? Can you do all the work yourself? Because once u get past a point they become less and less streetable. Best option for a roadworthy but capable trail jeep. Is 4.5 lift on 31 or 33 MT.

    Ok its your first shot at it. Count this as a learning experience. I'd get rid of her once it's fixed. Best advice I ever got about buying the car I wanted at the time, was dont. A better deal is out there it's just a matter of time till u come upon it. My best Friend just got a 99 Xj w lift. Bumper. Tires and offload lights w 150 thou miles for 2800. Start saving tho. So when the right one pops up. U don't have to hesitate.
  6. My jeeps just a toy.. And I hate that. It's so built I want to drive it so bad. But it's horrible on the streets.. Lockers front and rear. Worn out ball joints. It wanders like a gypsy. Also remember.

    Wheeling = broken shit on ur ride.
  7. I can't do everything my self but I am very mechanically inclined and I have a good buddy that will help me when needed. I was thinking the same on the lift and tires except I would put BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO 33".

    I think I will get it running and sell it though. I will probably look for an XJ with a 4.0 High Output I6.
  8. I'm a bit biased towards XJs since that's what I wheel. But I truly believe its the best jeep for the money. Even a 3 in lift w aggressive tires will be more than enough. A buddy of mine kept up behind me in a stock Xj on street tires. Granted I got through and up stuff easier. But he never got stuck.
  9. If I were you, I'd cut your losses and sell it. Or if it has a good body and interior, you could maybe part it out and get your money back.

    That way you at least know its parts will be used for good :)

    But yeah, I agree with those who say wait for the right car - don't jump on one. I spent months looking at ads, checking vehicles out, etc. Ended up with a '98 Grand Cherokee Limited 5.9 for $2000. Only 204,000 kms on the odometer when I got it, perfect interior, just needed steering/suspension work.
    It could use some engine work too, but I think that's because I really fucked up and ran it nearly dry for a long time... my engine may not be worth putting money in to. 5.9s (the engine) are pretty common though, which is nice since I'll probably end up needing to do an engine swap at some point in the future.
  10. I'm a Jeep guy. I drive a 2000 WJ now. Traded my 94 YJ with a chevy 350 for something more baby friendly and better on gas. Keep it and turn it into a tow.
  11. from all the work i have done on jeeps, i would say burn that piece of shit to the ground.

    i have worked extensively on cherokee's & grand cherokee's.
    everytime a buddies jeep takes a dive i am there to help clean up the mess.
  12. Should have bought an XJ man.

    Seriously though what's wrong with it? If you can get her to run and drive fairly reliably then you can use it to get yourself to work and home. Then you can save up for your XJ and make it into whatever you want, but keep the grand cherokee to dd.

    Jeep off pavement usually = broken parts

    And fyi the cherokees don't really like the mud, dirt yes but I have buried my XJ in the mud too many times to take it "muddin". You can get a good little XJ for cheap, got mine for 1,100 with new tires. Granted its got over 300,000 original miles but she loves every minute of abuse ;)
  13. make it a street-legal sleeper. if you're not into wheeling, you can at least make it look the part like a lot of people like to do around here. keep the stock tire size, and put on an ARB bumper on the front, snorkel it maybe, and keep slicks on it. and then you can have a set of knobbies on the roof.

    sounds pretty sweet to me, that's what i have planned for my ranger
  14. My next jeep is gonna be a XJ. Miss the YJ. Enjoy driving the WJ but wish it was 4X4 with the V8. I'm wanting something to be a toy. Thats what the plans were for the YJ but then a baby came along and priorities changed. Ready to hot box the WJ :)
  15. Sell it, and buy a European or Japanese car, American cars suck.
  16. Push it off a cliff and buy a good car.
  17. Sell it to me for $500.. Then I'll make a build thread and piss you off cuz I fixed it for cheapzzz
  18. Get it running then decide what to do. Any rust? Was it wrecked ever? If you have any doubt in it Id suggest selling it and getting an XJ with a 4.0. Just sold my 87 yj and bought a 98xj. Getting new rims and meaty tires, eventually it will have a 4.5in lift and 31s. The 4.0s are super reliable, the xjs have tons of room and arent as heavy as grand cherokees.
  19. So wait... you mean he should waste money on things that he's not going to use, that will not increase performance? That's not a sleeper...

    A sleeper is an unsuspectingly fast vehicle (aka a slow-looking car/suv/truck that gets the fuck up and goes).
    What you plan to make is a poser vehicle. It's like when you see a pickup truck with 22" rims, a 6" lift and no front driveshaft or differential.

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