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what should i do with all this keef

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mrwakeandbake, Jan 29, 2011.

  1. [​IMG]

    idk wut to do with it tho roll it up bowls lol
  2. #2 kouchlockOG, Jan 29, 2011
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    Put a bit of bud in your bowl, then top it with a shit ton of keif.
    Or you could snort it, like a boss:cool:
  3. if u have time make hashh man
  4. roll up fat ass joint/blunts with a health bunch of kief thrown in.
  5. how much do you like hash ?

    or are you more of a edibles guy ?

    or choice number 3 top off your buds for a long time
  6. you should probably mail it to me just to be safe
  7. smoke it or make hash..i just smoked all mine yesterday it was fucking awesome...:smoking:
  8. whats the best way to make it into hash
  9. Honestly I would just top bowls for awhile. It gets you fucking stoned.
  10. Yeah, just sprinkle that onto some bowls and you'll be set.

    Or do what I used to do and pack a full bowl of kief and take it to the dome :smoke:
  11. Kief is a beautiful thing with a plethora of uses. If you want to be fancy you could make some hash/hash oil with it. Or you could pour it into a bowl and smoke pure kief. Some people though like to put a small amount of bud to cover the hole and then put kief on top, or layer your kief in between your bud like a sandwich. Comon though, pure kief is the way to go.

    My personal favorite treat to do with kief is to compact it nice and tight and roll a joint or blunt with it (a bit tricky but you'll get it soon enough). That stuff burns a little fast at the beginning but only gets slower and more compact until it almost feels like hash at the end. If you don't have a roach clip, pop your roach into a bowl/bong and light it up, if you do have the clip, do which ever you prefer.
  12. 1) Put in baggie
    2) Send to me
    3) ???
    4) Profit.
  13. you could send it to me;)
  14. get a keif press
  15. This is just me,

    i would smoke a snapper bowl of just kief and get FUCKED UP :) Then id save the rest to sprinkle on top of bowls :smoke:
  16. my pollen press doesnt seem to work the best i got a lil one cheap it seems to stick to the metal even if i leave it sit over night

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