What should I do? What would u do?

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  1. So I've been in my relationship for 8 years, we met in college, math class, we sort of just went from there great connection I love him and am in love with him. But weeks ago I have something in his phone that I always feared but never thought was true. We had already had a problem with this person way before hand, I just didnt what to believe it, with the married woman. What I found that he had been letting her send nude shots of herself and flirting back and forth with her as if it was okay and that made me feel like well maybe I'm not enough, maybe I'm not worthy like she is, that obviously she has more to offer than I do. And so with it lately I've graduated from college i have all my goals set and one of them is marriage. Tho back to the scenario in the mist of that scenario happening I met someone a new guy, kind of unexpected, it happened wen I wrote and expressed a Facebook stat and he saw it and decided to inbox me about it and at first I wasn't trying to talk to him about it but he finally got it out of me, friends is what we were trying to aim for but the chemistry started to become really big there and the fact that we have so much in common, it's insane, we have only known each other 4 a month and with we have met, and that made it even worse the chemistry I should say rather. But back to bfs scenario I so I brought it to his attention basically asking and telling him would he ever stop talking to her and he told me no and then that right there it like really opened up my eyes to who he trully was and when I menchained the word break up he just flipped and cried because he knows that he lost a good woman, and so when that happened I met the new guy, we didn't do anything we just talked but he really likes me and like him but I do not love him I still love my ex. But I don't trust my ex 100 I only trust him 50 percent. But he really wants to try to win me back while the other guy really wants to show me something different. I wanna try to work things out with my ex/bf but that if it doesn't do u guys think I should take some time to myself and and then maybe give the new guy a real shot? Or still wait it out for love?
  2. You never trusted him before or you wouldn't of even gone through his phone in the first place

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