What should I do to save them? +pics

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  1. These plants are roughly a month old now, and I know they don't look it.

    They're in MG Organic soil being fed MG all purpose nutes. I fed them once a week and a half ago and just fed them today again. I believe I was overwatering the beginning so I have cut back my watering to once every 5 days until about 3-4 inches of soil is dry.

    Anyone have any suggestions to help my sick ones?

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  2. I just learned the hard way that MG Organic soil is not the best, but the main problem looks like they are really stretching to get to the light.
  3. like penelope said, it looks like your biggest problem is the fact your light is so far away and they're stretching all kinds. the two in that first picture look awful and are probably better off in the trash IMO. if it were me i'd do some research and start over before wasting any more time and money.
  4. First off,I have only seen one grower grow with exellent results using Miracle grow products.I have no idea how the dude does it either.

    Mg nutes are way too strong.Even with the nutes I use(Advance nutrients)you have to dilute them more than what it says on the bottles.Mg products arent any good if you want my opinion.

    I would transplant those as fast as possible to some quility medium.I would reccomend Fox Farm's ocean forest for those.

    How close is the light to your plants?What is the temp/humidity?How is ventilation?What watt light are you using?How big is your grow space?How many times have you fed you plants with nutes?

    Do you even have a ph/ec meter?You could solve alot of problems with just these two tools.You want your ph around 6.0.Here is what an ec meter is if you dont know.They help out alot.

    We cant really tell you whats wrong becouse you have not gave us enough details.From the looks of it it looks like nutes are getting locked out either becouse of ph.

    A side not.You shoudnt even have to give your plants nutes in an organic medium.The organics break down and add nutes every so often.So I bet your plants are nute burnt.I would transplant and flush them asap or just start another grow.
  5. I wouldn't give up just yet. We can definitely tell that your light is too far/weak and they aren't happy with what they're in. Check pH, should always be the first thing to check because if pH is bad then everything is off.
  6. In aggreance with everyone else about your lights, they are definitely too weak or too far away. What kind of lights are you using? If you're using fluro's or CFLs put them inches away from the tops of the plants. They are definitely salvageable.
  7. I am using 2 250W MH conversion bulbs. I have a 6" inline fan at the ceiling as exhaust with a passive intake.

    I started a thread a couple of weeks ago with pictures asking when to start using nutrients with this soil and everyone said I should have started already. Now I am hearing that I shouldn't even need to use them, can someone give me a difinitive answer regarding this subject?

    I also gave them a dose of superthrive today, hopefully that will help a little. I will lower the lights closer to the plants.

    Also it is currently 6 bubble gum, 6 big bud, and 6 nothern lights. It seems as though all the big bud plants are stretching like crazy while the rest seem to be content. If that means anything.
  8. i'm growing with miracle grow.and they all seems growing nicely since i sorted out my lights problem.i use superthrive as well but very little.1drop in to 3liter water.water were left sitting over night not straight from tap.i started to add ferts when the second set of leafs showed up.they now getting cloudy with litte leafs growing.i tried the lst trick.don't think i be able to train them.but at least lowered the plants and added support for the stems.i'll have some new pics on my post later on when i get home if you want to see how they are now :)
  9. Yes now would probably be an ok time to start feeding, but since you apparently started before they were ready, I'm going to bet that they are burned and need to be flushed. When the soil dries out next, flush the soil with clean water twice the volume of the pots. Still worth it to get a pH reading just to make sure, but if you've already been feeding then I'll put money on nute burn. I usually don't start feeding till after the cotyledons fall off, and the lowest leaves start to yellow. I take that as my cue.

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