What should I do? Important, I need advice.

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  1. This is pretty long but I ask for your patience and to read through this as I really need advice. :confused:

    This is about my laptop getting stolen and unwanted guests in my house, while my father is in jail as I type this.

    So I'm 18 years old and me and my Dad live together.
    It's been awesome and pretty chill, we both smoke our bud, but this last month has been hectic.

    My Uncle and his girlfriend moved in with us, and my Uncle has dated woman throughout his life that have always took him on a downward spiral, even more so than he already is.

    Finally he was doing good and met this girl, she cause him to lose his interest in tattoo school, she has a baby, she is 34 and he is 56.
    He has used Methamphetamine a lot of his life and his healthiest point was in prison.

    Well long story short, him and his girlfriend are strung out onj that shit and me and my Dad know it, but decided to let them move in with us in exchange for help with our rent as we are having financial complications and are in the struggle.

    They have been there 2 weeks with us.
    I was not home last night and some shit erupted, ending with my Dad in jail for domestic violence.

    It all started when 3 days ago I noticed I haven't seen my HP Windows 7 Ultimate very nice laptop in about 2 weeks.. I could never afford one and it was a gift from my Grandpa on my Mom's side.

    The last time I seen it I put it in it's case and left it in the room they are staying in. So I'm curious as to where it is but never brought it up.
    Well 3 days ago I was folding and putting up laundry into my dresser's cabinet.
    I open the cabinet and there is my laptop case, so I pick it up and the laptop is not in there
    So I wonder without making any accusations to anyone before confirming it isn't lost.
    Heres where it starts.. I ask my Dad the same night I put my clothes up if he knows where it is, and he told me he isn't sure, and he was worried because he knows the girl is even a worse tweaker than my Uncle so we went to bed and spoke about it the next morning.
    I told him where I found my empty case and he said about 5-7 days ago he picked it up from their room and felt that it was heavy and he picked it up from where I last set it and put it where I found the empty case.

    So it was in there 7 days ago and about 3 days ago I notice it isn't in there.. so a 4 day window, where did it go?

    I have no solid absolute proof such as video evidence or local pawn shops.

    So me my Dad and Uncle are discussing it while she's not there out doing whatever the fuck she's doing. I go back to the room and reach into my bag to get the info booklet to know exactly what model and the serial number.

    The HP manuel, receipt, booklets, and info papers are all missing too, which overall proves that it was stolen. We proceeded to search every room and

    I know that she took it, because she was in the same room for a few hours sitting on the bed right in front of the dresser cabinet my Dad put it in, stripping copper she STOLE to get money.

    So, my Dad called her and asked her where my laptop was and she said "I don't know about no laptop. What laptop?"
    I know she knows i have my laptop because when I set it down in their room they had been staying in.
    I put in it's case before I left somewhere and I started to head out of the room and she said "Don't forget your laptop" assuming I was taking it, but I told her I wasn't taking it, as I just put it in it's case where it needs to be when not in use.

    It has a front compartment where I kept my charger in, which has been out for about a month and a half I just haven't came across enough money to replace it, it also has an old battery.
    Nevertheless, still a very nice laptop, $899 brand new. That might not be much depending on who you are but it's one of the very few items of value I have. The charger doesn't charge it and it's completely dead, so I know a pawn shop wouldn't take it as they can't turn it on to see if it even works.
    I KNOW that she went to one of her meth dealers and probably got a gram or so for it.. so it's not gonna show up.

    So we basically know that she took it and my Uncle isn't defending her too much but still he was skeptical she would "do something like that" and said he'd "sweet talk" her into finding out where it is. My Dad said no that bitch isn't allowed in here again and my Uncle accepted it.

    My Dad was fuming and was going to make a police report. Well she hasn't been allowed back in the house even though her shits there, so her and her baby aren't there which I don't give a fuck about her crackbaby. So last night, I'm at my Grandmas house and my Dad told me that she came there begging my Dad and Uncle to let her and her baby in so she could change.
    Eventually my Dad said okay hurry up bitch.

    She was there about 15 minutes and my Dad pressed the issue for her to get the fuck out she has been in there way too long. So after a minute of telling her she finally goes to the door and opens it. She proceeds to stand in the doorway and talk to my uncle and father in a rude manor and either my uncle or her said something that set my Dad off. (my dad informed me of the situation about 10 minutes before he was arrested)

    My dad got up and told her to get the fuck out and she wanted to get her baby stroller and my Dad wouldn't let her because of her tone and negative demeanor. She kept arguing and my Dad got up, told her and my Uncle both that he was gonna punch her in the fuckin' head if she didn't get out.. it escalated and my Dad fake punched her and then gave the baby a firm slap on the head and told her to get the fuck out fucking whore. My uncle, got in my Dad's face. My Dad told me he uppercutted him and knocked him down and got on top of him and choked him with all his might for about 30 seconds as my Uncle gasped for air.
    My Dad let him up and told em to get the hell outta dodge.. they then walked on the street and left.

    That's when I talked to him and found out the situation. I called him back about ten minutes later, no answer, So I get worried and call my Grandma (Dad's side) she does not answer. She calls back and tells me that myother Uncle is there with my Dad and the cops came to the house, and my Uncle was trying to keep the pigs from taking him. But they hauled him off for domestic violence, even in his own home.

    My Uncle and his girlfriend paid us 100 dollars instead of the 300 as planned and have bought us about 100 dollars worth of food with EBT. My Dad has received 30 dollars from all the money the bitch got from copper.
    So they tell the cops they pay rent and the cops LET THEM go back in the house while my hard working Dad gets taken to county jail.

    They are in the house as I type this, and I am going over there in about 5 hours to tell them to get out. If they refuse, and even if they don't, I'm going to the Police Department and pressing charges against her for theft or grand larceny or whatever I can. It's a $900 laptop so from what I understand thats a medium felony.

    My question : What would you do in my shoes? Do I have grounds to send a unit to my house and have her picked up for theft? I'm pretty confused on how I should go about the situation while my father sits in jail. They are in my house, it's not their house. But what should I do if I can't take legal action?
    I have about 15 - 20 close Mexican friends all in a local gang Sureno and I have about 10 Black Blood friends that are also close to me and they would all help me handle shit if it got to that point, but my first priority is to stay within legal boundaries. If they refuse to leave and the cops cant arrest her on spot then should I get all of my friends to come in the house with me and tell them to get out?

    Very confused, any additional advice would be a great help. Sorry for the length. :confused: :confused: :confused:
  2. I'd say try and take em down legally. If that doesn't work have some of your buddies stage a home invasion and have them "pursuade" them to leave with masks on.
  3. Tldr

    smoke weed
  4. go kick them out of your house! they dont pay rent and they arent on the lease so if they do not leave call the cops and press charges for the laptop. get them out they should not be there especially if no one is there get the fuck over there son! oh and your dad "firmly" hit the baby on the head sorry but thats fucking scummy he should be in jail! go regain control of home base!
  5. Don't invite you sureno and blood friends to the same place unless you're just wanting to start a whole bunch of shit hahah.
  6. yea smoke lots of weed
  7. I dont think that getting your banger friends involved is gonna help matters. Definitely try to get them out on legal grounds first. If that fails you should plant some crystal on that hoe, then call the jakes.
  8. Scare them out of your house throw some M-80s through the mail slot that should do it. If not take back your house don't let scum step on you bring all your fucking friends go go Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. My dad made bail i will see him in the morning. found out uncles girlfriend accused my dad of snatching 80 dollars out of her hand which is a totally bullshit lie. one count of 3rd degree battery now because my uncle has a cracked windpipe and 3 cracked ribs from my dad sittin on him and choking his skinny ass out. one count of theft of property but that will be dropped. My grandpa filed charges against them both for grand larceny. my uncle and his meth head whore will soon be apprehended. thanks for all of the advice it helped.. suprised anyone actually read the story haha. thanks again anyway!! - GAS
  10. I hope that crack whores baby gets taken away from her and raised by proper parents.

  11. Fun fact : She's had 8 more this is her youngest. The others got taken.
  12. Report her to child services stating she is a meth addict. Get them the fuck out of you and your dads house, thats fucked up. If nothing happens i would get your cholo friends to show them something nice
  13. Thats the kind of shit that happens when you let junkies live with you, its your dads fucking fault.
  14. DAmn, that sucks dude. Get them tweakers out of there one way or another. Try fucking them with every charge possible. And that bitch should get her tubes tied.

  15. fuck you man shit happens. we do what we have to do to survive.
    no rent money and we cant be homeless.
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    UPDATE: Since my dad is out of jail we talked and i found out my Uncle was in on it just as much as she was.
    Dad went to rent a center and the guy told him that my uncle came with an hp laptop
    my dad went home and put the rentt a center card down and told my uncle to fess up.
    at first he denied it then told him he pawned it to a nurse at the local Sparks hospital.
    I guess he got his quarter paper but was it really worth all of it? We are pursuing all charges possible against him and her and have all proof needed. My uncle will go away for ten years because he has already had 2 strikes with residential burglary and grand theft auto.
    We know the nurses work schedule and information and will soon get my laptop back.
    Everything worked it self out, karma is a bitch.
    Last night I was so stressed and now relief has finally set in. I felt bad for my uncle because his life sucks so bad, but since I found out he would do that to me I'm gonna get the boys in blue on his and her ass hard and pursue all possible charges against them and press the issue to the fullest extent.
    I will not rest until justice is served.
    Dad has court monday.

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