What should I do for my birthday?

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  1. My birthday is coming up two weeks from tomorrow (I'll be 19). I'm at college but I don't really know about any off campus parties and I can't get into the fraternity parties, and I only really made one friend since coming here. Any ideas?

  2. Strippers and weed.
    The parties, frat dudes, "new-fake" friends, and other fun stuff will follow you afterwards.
  3. smoke 5 blunts by yourself and order papajohns
  4. have sex with womans
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    Go to a strip club and a bar. Wear a shirt that says it's my birthday. Your welcome.
    Edit: You are turning 19. Go to a strip club and then buy some alcohol to drink while you cry and masturbate.
  6. Buy a cake and pizza and pig out.
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    Buy a hooker. Bring her to the Frat party. Let them know she's down to suck all their dicks. 
    They'll let you into that party...and every other party they throw for the rest of forever. 

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