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What Should i Do for my 420 post

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Doobie_Ashtray, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. Post number 420 is coming up really soon so i thought i should do something that i've never done before post some pics. I wanted to know whats everyones opinion on what they would like to see so thats why i made the poll
  2. are you serious
  3. Why wouldnt i be this is a serious post.
  4. where is the option for a pic of 5kilos of DANK???
  5. hot girls smoking weed

    end thread.
  6. Get the RooR, take a hit then drop to the floor. IM ON FIRE!
  7. I was gonna save that post for my birthday party.
  8. haha i would of chosen the 5 kilo option but i had to go with hot chicks smokin bud
  9. Seems to me its looking like we have a bunch of horny stoners.
  10. Haha. looks like no one wants to see your new piece. Everybody's all about the chix.
  11. I'd bet they be mad if i post a pic of a blow up doll with a blunt in its mouth.
  12. Obviously you have no idea how easily excited we are!

    Now how about some of those hot chickens smoking wheat?
  13. i bet it's gonna be a bunch of pictures from

    so hot!
  14. umm... why do we have to pick one? Why not post pics of all of it.
  15. Your first piece! I don't really care about pictures on the internet of girls smoking bud. But I do care about pictures of your first peice, because it's like your favorite child.

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