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what should i do - 8mg Hydromorphone

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by love2trip, Jun 20, 2009.

  1. What's going on blades?

    So i picked up two 4mg pills of Hydromorphone so that i'd have something to do since i've decided to have a 10 day TB from the herb before i go on vacation.

    Now let me first say that there is no way i am going to inject this, as i plan to stay away from needles(unless i'm getting a shot from the doctors). I would happily snort these, but i have been having a bad case of nose congestion for the past few days, so i am afraid that snorting these would be a waste, as much of it would probably get stuck in my nostrills.

    So i come to you guys for suggestions. I know that taking hydromorphone orally has very little bio availability, but i was wondering if parachuting the whole 8mg would have any effect?
    Let me just mention that i have NO opiate tolerance, if that makes a difference?

    If parachuting the 8mg(with no tolerance) would be futile, then what would you guys suggest for someone in my position(a congested nose)?
  2. well, i hate to get technical but congested is typically misconceived as being "full of snot/mucus" when it reality the blood vessels in your sinus/nostrils have just constricted which is why even after you keep blowing it will feel stuffed.

    so here is what i do when i have to snort and im feeling congested...

    dont laugh, it works..

    take a Q-Tip, bend it in half and with the fuzzy side up, place it in your nose. one tip for each nostril and it will naturally push out and you will be able to breathe easy! you can either do this, or by those nose strips which do the same thing.
  3. Excuse my ignorance, but what do you mean by Plug?
  4. I'm sorry, my post was so short because i'm ashamed of this method. Plugging refers to diluting the pills in a tiny bit of water and using it as a suppository. Turkey baster is your friend :eek:
  5. My nose is genuinely congested. No mucus or nothing, just straight up blocked due to constricted blood vessels. I'll try what you said if no one can give me a better idea.
  6. Oh, and plugging has a much higher bioavailability.
  7. Oh i see haha. Well in that case, i think i prefer the Q-tip method so far.;) but thanks for the suggestion!
  8. in your position i would probably plug because your congested nose is still going to give you some issues.

    when my nose is extremely stuffed i take a shower and blow alllllllllllllllllllll the snot out and clean my nose viciously. get out of the shower, dry up real quick and snort the powder asap
  9. I wish i could do this, my problem is that there is NO snot/mucus. My nose is congested due to constriction of blood vessels, so i could blow it all day and night and i would see no results.

    So you all think that parachuting the 8mg will be a waste?
  10. shoot it~!
  11. Ding Ding Ding
  12. I stated in my original post that i am not interested in needles. Thanks though
  13. u cant snort it, u cant inject it, u can smoke it or take it why are you asking the question?
  14. Had a shit load of this in tablet form at one time and it seemed the same as Demoral 100mg,no amt did anything i would ever pay for when taken PO.

    Cleanse the rectum and go that route.

    GL,never worked for me.
  15. Plug that shit if your nose is fucked up... I know It sounds bad but do you want to kinda waste them by taking them orally?? Or wait til your nose is better?

    How wide is a turkey baster?? lol...:smoking:
  16. Correct me if i'm wrong, but does taking a pill oraly not use the same mechanism for absorbtion as plugging? They both put the pill in your colon, just one more directly than the other.

    Get some afrin. Spray it in your nose. Wait 30 minutes. Crush crush, sniff sniff.
  17. The drug is absorbed in the rectum instead of in the stomach.
  18. Alright i may attempt this whole pluging deal, since there really is no way i can snort these. Could someone give me a rundown on how i do this? do i just put the pill in the you know where and thats it?

    haha never thought i'd be doing this
  19. No sir that is not the way!

    You need one of those syringes without the needle like for givin babies medicine, absorb the pill in some water inside the syringe things i dont know the name sorry... insert it not too far inside your rectum and squirt the solution in. Take a good dump first dont want no dookies soaking it up yadadameean??

    Or you could google how to plug, probably more detailed guides.

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