What SHould I Call My Dorm Room

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    Its got black sheets on the walls covered in neon splatter paint, with black light posters and bob marley posters, copious amounts of beanbags and neon tape and stuff everywhere. 2 black lights, a party light, and a strobe. Anyways, there are a couple sick rooms like this on campus. One is called the "R@V3 C@V3", and the other is "Casa de' Spliff". WHat should I call mine???:confused:
  2. "The Party Pooper" cuz it sounds like shit.
  3. You've got all that stuff on your roof? Isn't it a bitch taking it all inside when it's going to rain or something?
  4. "that dorm room that's trying to be like rave cave and casa de spliff"
  5. i hate you all.
  6. People name their dorms? Never heard of this once.

    Ummm call it...."Eric Foremens Basement" yeah.
  7. The virgin house
  8. Call it "rape you".

    Then when you're heading there with people and a girl asks where you're going you say "we're going to rape you".

    Then when she sees it's just the name of your dorm she'll be so happy!
  9. Pics please? Anyways, I wouldn't name it. That seems a little try-hard.
  10. The Penetration Station :smoke: :laughing:
  11. Call it some sort of a name or something
  12. Call it "Low Latent Inhibition"
  13. This thread is funny.
  14. "The Man-cave"
  15. Some pics would help because your description of it makes it seem kind of unpleasant. Even when rolling I wouldn't want that much neon and light in such a small space as a dorm room. Better suited to massive halls and the like.
  16. Stereotypical-druggie Grotto.
  17. Anal Sex Dungeon

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