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What should i buy??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by acousticjams, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. coming off my one month t break this friday :). i can get an eighth of outdoor kb (fat grams, nice and dry, prob 3 or 4 seeds out of the whole bag) for $25. medicali bud for $20 a gram. or a gram of bubblegum hash for $30. dont want to spend more than $30. what you guys think? i cant make up my mind lol. im leaning towards the kb though. that way i can smoke a couple bowls and even share some with my friends.

    thanks guys :wave:
  2. roll 7 blunts with the KB
    good times

  3. hmmm could go with the kb and roll some blunts, medicali bud for some nice bong rips, or the hash if you want to get really fucked up lol

    that is a hard decision

    would go with the kb or hash
  4. id smoke some bomb hash forsure
  5. i just really cant decide lol. i love fat bags of kb, great for rolling numerous l's. calibud is just like a delicacy. and hash.. well it speaks for itself. i like to pack a small bowl of weed with some hash on top of it though. how do you guys usually smoke your hash. id be hitting it out of a spoon. thanks again
  6. get a gram of the cali bud then a 10 sack of the kb.
  7. that right there

    rip the bong
    light the blunts
  8. wish that was a possibilty. my boy i get it from is a great hookup but the kb is the shit he pushes mostly. so he only sells the kb by the 1/8ths and up
  9. i hate when people wont sell you what you want. its like there turning down your money, that shit pisses me off!!
  10. yeah it kinda sucks when i only want a 10 bag of kb. but if i want a ten bag. he will throw me a .5 of the medicali so its all good :smoking:. gonna pick up an 1/8 of the kb and my buddy that im gonna blaze just won a hundred bucks on a scratch ticket so he said hell get a gram of the cali bud and hell buy the dutches. gonna be a great night after my month t break

    thanks for the input guys

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