What should humidity be in 2ftby2.5ft tent ????

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  1. Hi everyone! Hope all is well. I’m just curious about humidity .... what should it be at during flower ? I have a tent that’s 2ftby2.5ft and using 4 quantum boards 132v2. I had someone at a grow store that different types of lighting in different areas make Cannabis plants require different temperatures And humidity levels .? Any input would be great. Curious about what kind of circumstances and outcomes quantum board users have had and success with different set ups
    Thank you very much for your time !
    Sincerely 3000
  2. The same as it should be in any size tent boss. I would say on the different lights and areas needing different humidity is not the case, more so the measures you have to take to keep your humidity withing the acceptable range which for flower I believe is 50% or lower. Towards the end of flower you want it to drop to around 30%.
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  3. Really you should be im range with VPD, but 45-55% is a safe place to be during flower.
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  4. Hey thank you so much

  5. Thank you very much
  6. It’s a bit difficult sometimes to keep humidity at certain spot. I feel like the carbon filter contributes to the difficulty
  7. Alot of things contribute to your humidity man. How many plants the size of the pots and many other factors. I do not believe the carbon filter itself messes with humidity but the extraction fan is pulling moist air out all the time I had to leave my tent door open in the winter. I am not exactly sure why but even with a humidifier in the tent when the door was closed it would not gain any humidity. . My guess is my fan is big for the tent and I dont have a speed controller.
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  8. Following the VPD chart will lead to explosive growth.
    I continue using humidity above 60% thru harvest in hydro, with zero bud rot issues.

    I believe the reduced VPD recommendations during flower are wrong (at least for hydro), and are due to people trying to justify the too-low RH they knew they wanted all along. Using RH below 50% during flower could be correct, but VPD can't be use to justify it.
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  9. Theyre not wrong, theyre safe for people that have little expierience and dont quite understand VPD. Once one has grasped the concept of growing then i agree that 50% isnt good, VPD ranges will always keep your plants in peak growth mode since transpiration is at perfect levels
  10. Four v2's in a 2.5x2.5? Humidity is controversial. And usually a moot point since it can be impossible to control comfortably. I have problems with calcium uptake when I get above 60%. Plants grow slow below 50%. Plants grow fast above 70%. Pot dries and smokes well at 50%. Pot also grows at a very happy well adjusted pace at around 50+. I know the grower seems happiest there.
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