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What should Hash feel like

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by pawpcorn, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. So I pressed some hash with a hair straightener and then put it in my shoe and walked around.. Its sticky, hard and breaks off easily... is that how it should feel?
  2. i dont know which part of this is more fucked up.. making hash with a hair straightener, or putting it in your shoe. what the fuck.
  3. can anyone say.. dumber than a downie?
  4. I wrapped up kief in parchment paper and newspaper you idiots... I wouldn't put straight up hash in a hair straightener and walk around with it in a shoe .
  5. Is it some kinda ritual you like to do?

    Wait... I get it, you thought putting hash in your cheesy smell shoes would make it hash made from cheese strain... well that's wrong. ;)

  6. It's not hash if it wasn't heated....
    Then it's just compressed keif.
  7. lol I heated it with a hair straightener...-_- its solid and darkish green now
  8. hash should feel like your holding something more valuable then gold.
  9. Uncircumsized penis is what it should feel like
  10. depends how many times they ran it through, if they ran it less- it will be more thc and less CBD from small plant matter getting thru so will be a more cerebral high, while the more they run it thru it will extract/add more plant matter (small small pieces) that will add more CBD's leading to a more narcotic couch lock high, or at least more body high to go with the cerebral effect of mostly thc

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