What sets medical weed apart from homegrown?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by j-mf-s, May 12, 2011.

  1. Well guys, it could be that i just haven't gotten homegrown from good growers, but it's never as light green, dense, tasty, and cured as any medical bud I've come across. Is it lighting, nutes, curing, the fact that the homegrown is allegedly organic? Maybe the med was hydro or something. I just wish I knew exhaust there is a marked difference in quality, although both are great.
  2. Its just all in the kind of weed it is and how its grown.

    Obviously the people with more money/time/experience to put into it are going to be growing better shit..
  3. well considering medical weed is homegrown and then sold to(or by) dispensaries.... i'd say nothing, while you'll usually find better "medical weed" its all depends on who and where you're getting it from
  4. Im sure most dispensaries have there bud that they sell undergo a quality control check. Homegrown that you bought prolly didnt have a quality check lol

    but yea the difference is Medical weed has to be quality
    homegrown weed being fliped dosnt.

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