What seperates an idiot from some one spiritual

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  1. Ve been reading a lot lately about aliens being interdimensional beings evolving humanity. I be also read a great deal about us coming from the atlantian race of a lost continent called lumeria. To top it off there's a lot of talk about the earths pulse raising our consciousness, and so much else that I just gotta say something.

    What makes an idiot is when someone buys into crap with out checking out where it comes from. The history of where this stuff comes from is literally scam artists. Equally theres never any scientific bases to any of it rather speculations.

    The truth about the spiritual road is that it sucks ass. The news didn't wonder the desert for 40 days because it was fun. Buddha did not step off his throne to starve himself the rest of his life because it was neat. Ghandhi didn't risk his life against the British over and over again because it was cool... Aliens are not here to help you I'm sure they have there own alternative motives if they did. Anyone intelligent with a higher conciousness should be able to see that pretty clearly.
  2. your right man
    we cant read people's works and assume truth
    the only truth lies in what we gain from experience.
    thats why the spiritual path results in us straying from what we are used to
  3. Spirit science is a theory. Theories are not fact. Beliefs are not fact. It is what YOU make of it. There is no way for us to know at this time. It's a pretty arrogant argument just to say "hey stupid, you're wrong". Nobody knows, that's why we make theories.
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    I don't enjoy these over spiritual zealots, either... but, you place yourself on a pedestal, because of scientific validation, right?

    Okay, here's a question - I hope you will respond with prudence; and not with hollow and condescending remarks... If substance and "physical" matter are measured, and considered "real" due to "perception" and thee "senses"; then, what would "physical" matter be, without "perception" or "senses" to translate it, into appearance?

    Nothing. So, your stance is just as "intangible" as the "idiots" you posses a disdain for...
  5. In spirituality, there is no need to concern yourself with fear... be it fear of society labeling you or fear of aliens taking over your planet.

    All you gotta do is look inside yourself and ride the waves of time. It's all we've ever known.. just keep moving forward through time.
  6. Careful what you say about the believers, one of them may just call up a buddy of theirs and have your viciously anal probed.
  7. Hows reading all that stuff changing your daily life?

    ... and how you live it and what you think is important...like being a good person...unselfish...and being good to the people in your life?

    Isnt all that matters in the end? Wouldnt that be satisfying at the end of your life..to know you did that? Thats all you need to know.

    No one can know anything else..nothing but Now to do it with either...:smoke:

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