What seems to be the problem?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by TheGreenGreek, Nov 8, 2018 at 5:34 PM.

  1. I am growing 2 Mazar plants indoor, in soil. 1 of the 2 plants has developed some issues and seems to have stunted growth. Can anyone identify why the plant on the left is doing what it is?

    41BCD400-5565-4774-B9DA-21C64BB5ECCE.jpeg EFF87918-0990-464D-82E8-E0E9B31A7EB8.jpeg F8719604-00D7-40BA-A357-FC335D2AA6D8.jpeg
  2. Could be multiple reason bro! Maybe the soil is more airy than the stunted one.. Maybe you have over watered / under watered … Tell me how you look after your girls?
  3. I have a soil tester that tells me how dry or wet it is. I am using 300w Timbergrow COBB, my temps are about 84F. I pH the water to 6.0 before feeding. Right now, not adding any nutrients, its purely soil fed.
  4. Ok, forget the PH … Soil will naturally buffer it's self to the correct PH range - It is only critical in Hydro etc... I NEVER PH my soil and never have any issues (as long as it is good quality soil|)
    Everything else seems good mate!... I would suggest drainage possibly? It could have "wet feet" if the drainage isn't up to scratch! but that is just a theory. To be honest, it could be genetics - Bottom line is it looks healthy, just growing slower! You are treating them the same, so keep doing what you are doing and I bet you it will catch up soon enough!
  5. Have you zoomed in on the stunted plant? Did you see the leaves?
  6. Ok just had a closer look... Tbh it could even be a little heat stressed!!!! By the way the leaves are folding etc.
    I still wouldn't worry - Just get a fan over it to keep the air moving. It will recover. Honestly don't think it's anything to overly worry about mate
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  7. ok thank you very much
  8. Any flies floating around? Could be some gnats munching on the roots of the stunted one.

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