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what`s happened to the music in amsterdam???

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by filthy j, Nov 14, 2001.

  1. me and the guys are off to the Dam again real soon,jan 2002,for our annual visit (less than £50 UK return !!!!) and the thing we`ve noticed over the years is the deterioration
    in the standard of music being played in the coffeeshops.
    Jesus, how do the kids listen to all that techno shit? is there anyone out there that knows anywhere around the Amsterdam Centraal area that plays some blues, rock & roll,dare i say it,adult music??? not too far away from Centraal though coz we seem to have difficulty regarding
    energy levels when in nl. can`t figure that one out for some
    unknown reason!!!
    ps. to all you guys Stateside...if you ever get a chance to visit amsterdam grab it with both hands. 100% guarantee youi`ll
    love it. except for the techno music of course.

    filthy j mcnasty
    liverpool uk
  2. Try the Bluebird on AntoinBreestraat(sp?). I was there 4 months ago and when it's not crowded it was nice. Alittle reggae and blues was happening. But when it's crowded go elsewhere. I have best luck with midweek early day trips to the shops. Maybe that's because I've been at this so long I just can't make it to the wee hours too well any longer. I'll be in the big bud in about 10 days and give an update onthe music scene.

    P.S. Your're right some that techno house music is well, Awfull in my opinion. But that might have to do with the age thing again. Enjoy your trip this will be my 8th.
  3. thanks for info rael. will be sure to check it out. if you are into reggae try "Double Reggae"...not sure of street but its first right at top of just on left and only 5mins from Centraal station so shouldn`t be too hard on those old bones...mine usually manage ok!
    you are some lucky guy getting 2 trips to the Dam in one there`s a few jealous friends!!! hope you have a great time ...would appreciate a post if you unearth any gems.

    thanks rael

    filthy j mcnasty
  4. Hey Filthy,
    I got back this past sunday and if you like jazz be sure to check out the Bim Huis. It's improvisational, the have a bar and I didn't get kicked out when I smoked 3 bowls of hash.The music the 2 nights I was there was phenomenal.


    PS fuck the walking, the town is small and the cab fare is cheap. If you need directions let me know. R
  5. thanks for post rael....we`ll be sure to check it out.
    hope u had a smokin` good time in nirvhana.....
    were like kids counting days til xmas...
    will let u know our views on improvised jazz!!!

    thanks rael

    filthy j
  6. Fjm,

    The bim Huis is hard to find. Go to De Wagg, look for Stevens cafe and it's at the end of that street and down the block to the right. Look for a small white sign. It's a 5 min walk from the cafe.

    The smoke was of course what you expect. I spent most of my time with the hashes. The Caramelo at El Mundo on De Wagg was very nice and the ice-o-lator stuff at the Bush Doctor was the best.

    Have a great time and post your trip when you return.


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