What rollies do you use?

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  1. Title explains it all, whats your chosen pack of rollies? Mine are Zig Zag whites, if the store doesnt have any of that i go with Pure Hemp rollies, taste really nice and dont burn too fast.
  2. Zags are classic, but i always try to expand my horizons. raw hemp papers are smooth and spiffy, as well as translucent. a lot of different flavors of juicy jays wraps actually contribute a nifty taste, so far ive fallen in love with orange and honey.
  3. raws or zig zag thins
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    Rizla +s
  5. Juicy Jay green apples. :smoke:

    Not that the paper itself is particularly above average, but the aroma is wonderful to me.
  6. Exactly the same as me, zig zags or pure hemp :D
  7. Zig-Zags or Top.

    If I have the money I go for Juicy Jays...but I'm rather poor at the moment.
  8. Juicy Jays any flavor.
  9. rizlas blue or silver
  10. Bob Marley papers
    OCB slim x-perts
    King size silvers
  11. I use Zig-Zags. My favorite are Apple Blitz and the Blueberry flavor. I love those shits. But I always keep a EZ-Double Wides pack just in case of an emergency joint.
  12. I have mint flavoured mantras, theyre ok, they are all ive got lol my town is so dry of rolly papers hahaha I wanna get juicy jays cuz everyone says theyre awesome :smoke:
  13. love my juuicy jays and trip cellulose papers

  14. juicy jays are awesome. and you can chew the rollies while your baked.
  15. Pure Hemp papers.
  16. Hemp paper using beeswax tipped hemp rope to light it up!
  17. I like using zig zags or tops.

  18. one of my buddies and i were JUST talking about running out of gum while smoking and chewing wraps lmfao
  19. I use zig zag whites and juicy jays watermelon for special occasions.
  20. Im not an apprentice at all but i use:

    Rizla - Blue/Silver

    Not sure if you get them in your area.

    Highlands are definately the best skins ive ever used though.
    And i use them ALOT :D

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